Colour and Vision Theory in Art and Design

Websites and blogs

The Dimensions of Colour (me):

Handprint (Bruce MacEvoy):

ColorAcademy (Don Pavey and Roy Osborne).

Color in Design and Applied Art: A Selective Annotated Bibliography (Marian-Ortolf Bagley and Barbara Ann Caron, 2011). Five hundred selected books on colour

ColourLex: Art and Science

The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
(Sarah Lowengard)

Visual Perception and Aesthetics (Steven Ståhlberg).

Color Vision and Art (Webexhibits).

Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century.An Exhibition at the Hugh M. Morris Library University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware, August 27 - December 19, 1996.

Digital Archive of Documents Related to Color in Textiles

Gurneyjourney (James Gurney)

The Morning after the Deluge (Alexandra Loske)
"A blog about colours, light and shade in art"

Pigments and paints

The Color of Art: Pigments (David Myers) (Tony Johansen): Large site on pigments and their history.

 Handprint guide to watercolor pigments (Bruce MacEvoy)

Artists' Palettes and Colour Mixing (ColorAcademy)

Pigments Through the Ages (Webexhibits).

Adobe Photoshop

 Applied Color Theory in Photoshop (Dan Margulis)

The first ten years of Photoshop (Jeff Schewe)

Colour scheme generators

i want hue (Medialab)
"Colors for data scientists. Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors"

Colormap tool (Benjamin Stauss, University of Konstanz)
Interpolates RGB colours in RGB, XYZ, HSV and HSL colour spaces

HCL colorpicker
Interpolates RGB colours in Lab colour space

NASA color tool (get colour scheme from a webpage) (get colour scheme from a photo or by setting proximity to starting colour)

Note that there are many other "colour harmony tools" available as programs or online, but most of these are of extremely dubious value, being based either on the RGB hue circle, which is very uneven perceptually and does not show accurate additive (visual) complementaries except on the red-cyan, green-magenta and yellow-blue axes, or on misguided attempts to transform this hue circle to conform to the "traditional" colour wheel (e.g. Adobe ColorCC/Kuler).

Colour symbolism

Color Symbolism Chart by Culture (Jennifer Kyrnin)

Color Communication & Symbolism   (animated/interactive)