Colour Vision Science

 Websites and online books

Why is Color? (Mark Fairchild)

Eye, Brain and Vision (David Hubel)
Complete textbook, free to read online or download.

Mollon, J. D. (2003) The origins of modern color science. From Shevell, S. (Ed) Color Science, Optical Society of America, Washington.
Excellent chapter on the history of colour science after Newton.

Webvision: The Organization of the Retina and the Visual System (University of Utah).

Comprehensive medical website on vision science.

The Joy of Visual Perception  (Peter Kaiser): Online book on vision including colour vision; you can even ask the author questions (but read the book first!).

Color Vision (De Valois and Webster)

Colour4Free (John Ryan Bembess)

Visual Perception (Daniel Chandler): Various topics on visual perception (not colour)

Colour and Colour Vision: Background Information (Colour and Vision Research Laboratories).

The Bases of Colour Vision (Brian Wagner and Douglas Kline)

A Chronological History of Vision Research (Jack Yellott)

Sensation & Perception (M. Wesner, Lakehead University)

Hyperphysics (C.R. Nave, Georgia University): Short pages on various topics related to colour, light and vison, set out in web arrangement

Scientific papers 

Online/downloadable interactive programs   

Project LITE - Atlas of Visual Phenomena: Dozens of demonstrations of optical illusions and visual phenomena. NOTE: The demonstrations of additive and subtractive mixing used in the course are from this site: (Online or download - Windows/Mac)

Color Uncovered (Exploratorium, Ipad and Android)

Spektral (Pehr Sallstrom): Programme for visualising the relation between colour and spectral energy distribution

Software for Visual Psychophysics: an Overview (Hans Strasburger)

Brown University: Series of applets for demonstrating colour theory, such as the interaction of spectral distribution and reflectance curves on reflected light. (Online/Windows/Mac)

efg2 Computer Lab Color Projects: Various free programs. (Windows)

Huedoku (Gabriel Mott)

 Colour vision tests

Online Color Challenge (Xrite)

Isihara colour vision test

Visual Illusions and Phenomena

87 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena (Michael Bach).

Optical Illusions (eChalk): Outstanding illustrations of influence of surround on colour perception.

Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages (Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

Brightness illusion catalogue

Illusions and Demos (Edward Adelson):

Adelson, E., 2000. Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusion.

Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions (interactive movies based on Adelson paper)

The checkerboard shadow illusion:

Same Same or Different (Gabriel Mott)

Color Is Relative (Gabriel Mott)

Some more illusion sites: