Feynman Lectures

1981 Horizon Interview: Chapter 1 of The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

1 - appreciating beauty, stories from the encyclopedia, naming versus knowing

2 - algebra for the practical man, persuading his father, moral questions about the bomb

3 - imagining nuclear future, not being responsible for what other people think, the Nobel Prize

4 - figuring out what the rules are, mathematical sense

5 - smashing hadrons, figuring consequences of a theory, creative irresponsibility, telling stories, different strokes for different folks

6 - science which is not science, science versus mysticism, just finding out about nature, unbeliever, living with doubt

Talk at the University of Auckland about Mayans, Counting Nuts, Lucky Numbers and Gods **excellent**

Hilarious story about Patents

Messenger Lectures on The Character of Physical Law

Installing Silverlight software

Lecture #1 – Law of Gravitation - An Example of Physical Law

Lecture #2 – The Relation of Math and Physics

Lecture #3 – The Great Conservation Principles

Lecture #4 – Symmetry in Physical Law

Lecture #5 – The Distinction of Past and Future

Lecture #6 – Probability and Uncertainty - The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature

Lecture #7 – Seeking New Laws

Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures on Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED)

Lecture #1 – Photons - Corpuscles of Light

Lecture #2 – Fits of Reflection and Transmission - Quantum Behavior

Lecture #3 – Electrons and their Interactions

Lecture #4 – New Queries

Take the World from Another Point of View

Part 1 When you know the name of something, you still know nothing about it!

Part 2 Incredible complexity from the steady operation of simple rules

Part 3 we have a bias for prediction, and should study history, too

Part 4 how to make discoveries happen

Fun to Imagine

Clip 1: Jiggling Atoms

Clip 2: Fire

Clip 3: Rubber Bands

Clip 4: Magnets (and Why? Questions)

Clip 5: Bigger is Electricity!

Clip 6: The Mirror why does a mirror reverse the image right-to-left but not top-to-bottom?

Clip 7: The Train doesn't need a differential to go around a curve

Clip 8: Seeing Things *** superb

Clip 9: Big Numbers and Stuff (1 of 2)

Clip 10: Big Numbers and Stuff (2 of 2) imagination

Clip 11: Ways of Thinking (1 of 2) *** amazing

Clip 12: Ways of Thinking (2 of 2) *** wow

Tutorial on Feynman Diagrams

Christopher Hill explains Feynman Diagrams

Particle Interaction Feynman Diagrams

The Quest for Tanna Tuva (1 of 5)

The Quest for Tanna Tuva (2 of 5)

The Quest for Tanna Tuva (3 of 5)

The Quest for Tanna Tuva (4 of 5)

The Quest for Tanna Tuva (5 of 5)

Bongo Playing

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