Dick Heiser: Publications


An Advanced Book for Beginners: How Computer Lib Shaped Our Perspective on Cybercrud, Interactivity, Complex Texts and Computer Creativity, Intertwingled Conference, Chapman College, 2014, published in Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson, Douglas R. Dechow and Danielle C. Struppa, Editors, Springer Open, 2015, ISBN 978-3-319-16924-8.

Microinformatica para Directivos Ediciones Anaya Multimedia S.A., Madrid, 1985.

Kan ledere unnvaere en PC?: praktisk bruk av et ledelsesverktoy Tanum-Norli, Oslo, 1985.

Real Managers Use Personal Computers! Que Publishing Corp, Indianapolis, 1984.


In the Know with Continuous Glucose Monitoring Diabetes Health, Vol 16 No 3, June-July, 2007.

R:Base Draws Fire for SQL Limits (with J. Greenbaum) Computer Systems News, April 4,1988.

The Famous TV Typewriter: A Cooperative Venture MacTech, Vol 2 No 7, July, 1986.

Confessions of a Computer Store Junkie: The Right Stuff, MacTech, Vol 2 No 6, June, 1986.

Historical Computing: Problems with Silver Linings, MacTech, Vol 2 No 5, May, 1986.

A Pioneer Looks Back: In the Beginning..., MacTech, Vol 2 No 4, April, 1986.

The Oregon Report: Personal Computing in the 1980's (with Portia Isaacson, Robert Gammill, Adam Osborne, Larry Tesler, and Jim Warren), National Science Foundation and IEEE Computer, September, 1978.

Future Computing, Personal Computing, January, 1977.

Hobbyists off on a Weekend: Prizes for Chess, Backgammon and Radio, Datamation, May, 1976.

Algorithmic Cobol Increases Efficiency, Reduces Error, Computerworld, June 5, 1974.

Reports and Manuals

Business Sense Users Manual, Monogram Software Inc. Torrance, California, 1987.

Building the TV Typewriter, The Computer Store, Santa Monica, California, 1976.

Building the Altair 8800, The Computer Store, Santa Monica, California, 1975.

DATACOM Software Users Manual, Pertec Business Systems, Santa Ana, California, 1973.

User Handbook for the DATUM Computing Center, Dokumentations und Ausbildungszentrum für Theorie und Methode der Regionalforschung, e.V., Bonn–Bad Godesberg, West Germany, 1971.

On the Measurement of Indicators: An Overview of Software Developments, James K. Pollock Research Program, Bonn–Bad Godesberg, West Germany, 1971.

A Cost Analysis of Minimum Distance TV Networking for Broadcasting Medical Information, RM-6204-NLM (with J. A. DeiRossi and N. S. King), The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, 1970.

IBM 1440 Sort 54 Disk Resident, 1440.1.6.001, IBM General Program Library, Armonk, New York, 1965.

Articles About Dick Heiser

The First Retailer in Fire In the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer, by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swain, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1984 and 2000.

Entering the Store Age, by Stephanie Rick, in Digital Deli, edited by Steve Ditlea, Workman Publishing Company, New York, 1984.

Market Outlets: The Neighborhood Store, in Computers and Data Processing, by H. L. Capron and B. Williams, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing, Menlo Park, California, 1982.

When Wildly Optimistic Isn't Enough, by David Bunnell, PC Magazine, September, 1982.

Computer Retailing 'Father' Reflects and Projects, by Maggie Cannon, Infoworld, April 13, 1981.

CR Special Interview: A Tribute to Retailing Legends, by Bill Langenes, Computer Retailing, October, 1980.

The White Collar Future, in Running Wild: The Next Industrial Revolution, by Adam Osborne, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, California, 1979.

Future Developments in Personal Computing, Town Hall Reporter, August, 1979.

Dick Heiser: Personal Computing Futurist, by Bill Langenes, Computer Retailing, May, 1978.

Dick Heiser: the World's First Computer Retailer, by Bill Langenes, Computer Retailing, February, 1978.

Personal Computing, by Portia Isaacson, Datamation, February, 1978.

The Very First Computer Store (cover story), by Larry Press, SCCS Interface, December, 1976.

Computer Store: "Frantic and Fun", by Edith Myers, Datamation, November, 1975.

World's First Computer Store (cover story), by David Bunnell, Computer Notes, August, 1975.

Standardized Tests Can End 'Cinderella Syndrome', by Alan Taylor, Computerworld, January 29, 1975.

Cobol Algorithms Don't Need Professional Publication, by Alan Taylor, Computerworld, October 30, 1974.