Dick & Loretta Heiser's Millenium Report January 1900


In June, Dick retired, two years earlier than reported in last year's newsletter. The leisure of retirement is great. Although Loretta had to realign her schedule, we have adjusted easily, and are having a good time.

Dick is exercising even more than before. This year he got an insulin pump, which is very demanding but has started to produce better test results.

Dick and Loretta are becoming "people" people. In the past, we have been "idea" people; even while interacting with people, we've been teaching them or discussing technology or music or nonviolence. However, now in retirement we are getting more involved in other people's lives, and they in ours! Life is good.

More about people

For the past six months, Dick has befriended Eric Ellington, who is facing a third-strike prison sentence for not reporting his changes of address. Eric's story appeared in the newspaper after he successfully defended himself twice in third-strike cases. Apparently, a prosecutor overheard Eric bragging about his victories, investigated Eric and discovered that he had not filed change of address notices with the police. Eric was arrested and tried for five felony counts of this offense. Again Eric defended himself, but this time he lost. He has remained in jail for the past six months waiting for sentencing. The district attorney is asking for "125 years to life" for the five counts. California's third-strike law is still popular, even though it produces harsh results like this. In San Francisco, both candidates for DA have promised not to prosecute nonviolent third strikes. Eric has written a book, Three Strikes I'm Not Out, about his first pro per case, and is looking for a publisher.

Moshe Molcho, a bright and friendly graduate of Fairfax, has become a close friend. We get together often, and are studying Gödel, Escher, Bach together.

Back at the Getty

After last year's dissolution of the <digital Experience>, Dick trained to become a docent. He likes to work at the museum during the week so he can visit its research library. He plans to attend a conference in Texas on Maya writing in March. Dick recommends the Elderhostel course at the Art Institute of Chicago and has been learning a lot from Lila Crespin. It's much easier to visit the Getty Center now. Reservations are available on short notice at (310) 440-7300.

Cool new digital camera has no negatives

Olympus has come out with an even more fantastic new digital camera, the C-2500L It's the successor to their great D-600L. It lets you control everything, has 2.3 million pixels, better autofocus, faster shooting, more image storage, and is easier on the batteries. It even has a remote control. Dick loves it! Since he's not wasting film, he takes a lot of photos. He's turning into Man Ray.

Next year

The sometimes-forbidden-in-school Pokemon game is actually quite educational. Kids learn to organize information, to negotiate, everything. It's such great fun and it makes learning effortless. This inspires Dick to want to create fun, free educational opportunities on the Internet.

We're going to St. Andrew's Abbey in Valyermo the last week of the year, for our second retreat as a couple. Who knows what the future will bring? We're excited and confident, and wish you the same joy!

"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching." - Garrison Keillor