Dick Heiser: Education

Gerrymandering, University of Michigan/Coursera [online], 2018

Suicide Prevention Crisis Counseling, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, 2018

Caring for People with Psychosis and Schizophrenia, King's College London [online], 2015

Ageing Well: Falls, Newcastle University [online], 2015

Science of Happiness, Berkeley/edX [online], 2014

History of Art, Khan Academy [online], 2014-2015

Exoplanets, ANU/edX [online], 2014

Tangible Things, Harvard/edX [online], 2014

The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry, Hamburg/iVersity [online], 2014

Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe, ANU/edX [online], 2014

Model Thinking, Michigan/Coursera [online], 2014

The Design of Everyday Things, Udacity [online], 2013

The Future of Storytelling, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam/iVersity [online], 2013

Contemporary Architecture, Open Online Academy/iVersity [online], 2013

Social Psychology, Wesleyan/Coursera [online], 2013

The Camera Never Lies (History of Images), University of London/Coursera [online], 2013

Gamification, Wharton/Coursera [online], 2013

Irrationality (Behavioral Economics), Duke/Coursera [online], 2013

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Stanford/Coursera [online], 2013

Argumentation, Duke/Coursera [online], 2012

Pharmacology, Penn/Coursera [online], 2012

Statistics, Udacity [online], 2012

Programming a Robotic Car, Udacity [online], 2012

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Stanford [online], 2011

The PLATO Society, 2001–continuing

History of Art - French Art, Elderhostel Paris, 2001 (now called Road Scholar)

Maya Epigraphy Workshops, University of Texas, 2000 & 2001

History of Art - 19th Century, Art Institute of Chicago, 2000

History of Art - 20th Century, Cal State Long Beach, 2000

Docent Training, Getty Museum, 1999

History of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, 1999

Parallel Programming Workshop, Caltech, 1994

Marine Science Teacher Education Program, UCLA, 1993

Teacher Intern training, Los Angeles Unified School District 1992–1994

C++ Programming, Learning Tree International, 1990

Advanced C Programming, Learning Tree International, 1989

C Programming, Learning Tree International, 1989

Instructional Methods, Learning Tree International, 1989

Local Area Networks, Learning Tree International, 1988

User Interface Design, Learning Tree International, 1988

Data Communications, Learning Tree International, 1987

Computer-Aided Design, UCLA, 1985

Prolog Programming and Artificial Intelligence, Learning Tree International, 1985

Human Factors, Learning Tree International, 1984

Lisp Programming, Learning Tree International, 1984

Pascal Programming, Learning Tree International, 1980

Digital Signal Processing, Learning Tree International, 1979

Cryptography, Key Systems, 1978

Microcomputers, Learning Tree International, 1975

Advanced Programming, UC Santa Cruz, 1973

Linear Programming & Game Theory, UCLA, 1968

Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare School, US Army, 1967 & 1968

Computing and product training, IBM Corporation, 1963–1966

Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry, Rice University, 1959–1963