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Dick Guertin's Google Home Page

Living With Sleep Apnea, CTconfig, Remote Access to WiFi, Applescript Sudo Control

Welcome to Dick Guertin's Google Home Page. This is a work in progress, so it keeps growing.

Since I'm interested in the World learning about the many things that I've been associated with, I've included many of my Tips and Tricks.

To learn more about me, see my Stanford homepage .  To learn a lot more about me, read My Life Story.

I'm constructing a Google version here: My Life Story - Dick Guertin

Sound test:  RedAlert.aiff, poof.aiff

1403 Music: 1403_bornfree.mp3, 1403_godrestye.mp3, 1403_inexceldeo.mp3, 1403_raindrops.mp3
Thanks to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for providing these 1403 Printer recordings.

To learn about my experiences with sleep apnea, click on this sleep apnea link.

To learn how to build a stand to hold bags open, click on four-legged.stand.
If you use Firefox. Safari, or Chrome on Mac OSX to view Basic HTML Gmail, see my SelectAll script for how to "Select All".

To learn how to create clone DVDs from an original using CDR-files, click on  Create CDR from DVD.
To learn how to assign icons to file types, click on  TypeIcons.

How to complete a Dish Network Program Guide download.
Visit this link for information about how to have Remote Access to WiFi using a Ruckus router via GoogleWiFi.
For information about configuring a four port modem/router, visit: Netopia-3346n-VGx .

I've also created a Unicode Table for Terminal.app KeyBindings table similar to Base64 encoding.

And I've also created a Macintosh OS X 10.3.9 -> 10.12.x utility called CTconfig that assists you in assigning Creator/Type codes to files from the Terminal.app program. For more information, including the ability to download the code, visit CTconfig

If you want to insure that nightly periodic system maintenance processes run on Tiger or Leopard, see PeriodicMaint
There's also a Firewall Utility I call RemoteLogin available from a Remote.dmg file.
I recently added a "Wake_on LAN" and "Devel-Trace for perl" for Mac OSX.

I recently ran into debugging problems with GDB on Leopard and Snow Leopard.  For a solution, read "Leopard+ GDB".

If you have trouble stopping Spotlight on external disk volumes, I have a shell script available at  Spotlight Utility (spotutil), which allows both Enabling and Disabling of Spotlight on Mac OS systems.  You simply download 'spotutil' and make it executable with "chmod 755 spotutil".  I strongly recommend you visit my web page at Spotlight Utility (spotutil) for further details.

If you are running Prosoft Engineering's "Data Backup", there's a DataBkup AppleScript Utility that acts as a wrapper to Data Backup, especially handy for clone backups.

If you're looking for ways to send 'mail' from Terminal.app (Unix environment on Macs), and deal with other Mail problems, take a look at a product by Bernard Teo of Cutedge Systems called MailServe.  I also have a web-page that describes how to "Setup POSTFIX Information".

For a summary of "fs" and "pts" commands used to control access to AFS file systems, visit  AFS Groups.
For tips on how to control a Terminal.app process from an Applescript, see Applescript/Terminal.app Solutions.
For more tricks and tips concerning Applescript and Sudo commands, see Applescript Sudo Solutions.
For an example of an AppleScript that allows you to time-stamp a backup drive, see TimeStamp.
You might also want to control how Firefox Remembers Passwords on Macintosh.
I also have other Unix Utilities at this page.  Also visit Admin.Scripts

Learn how to get up to SIX credit reports per year by clicking on  Annual Credit Schedule.

Determine the size of your browser's window, and your total Screen Driver.
Determine your WAN IP-address with Check Current IP.

For those interested in puzzles, here is a simple solution to the Bombay Comet Puzzle.
There's also a solution to Rubik's Cube with Pictures that shows algorithmic sequences.
Also, visit Sudoku Puzzles for my ideas on solving Sudoku Puzzles.  Also visit Sudoku.Sept.
The latest craze are Snowflakes attributed to Japheth Light.  Visit my Snowflakes solver.
There's also a tutorial on solving them that I wrote available at  Snowflake Sudoku.
For solutions to the classic problem of people on an island with a monkey and coconuts, visit Coconuts.

And when it comes to puzzles, I'm looking for information about a  RingPuzzle.  Please help!

Lastly, for those of you interested in probability problems, I've been trying to solve, WITHOUT A COMPUTER, the problem of "What is the probability of the Attacker winning BOTH battles in Risk?".  To see my analysis, visit my RISK probabilities page.

My latest addition to this site is about Google Chrome, called: disable_auto_update

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