The WAMware Demonstration Skills Workshop is generally held in a company or hotel conference room. Ideally, one large conference room is available where one end of the room can be setup for Lectures (in "U-shape room layout") and the other end for Workshops, as shown below (click on graphic for larger view):

Note: The conference room should be a minimum of 12 meters (38 feet) wide for a target audience of 12-to-15 attendees.

Below are examples of an excellent venue for the Demo Skills Workshop (click on an image for full-scale viewing):

Optionally, a conference room with less depth can be used, initially setup for Lecture format and then tables/chairs spontaneously rearranged for the Workshop sessions.

For groups of 16 or more attendees (e.g. the half-day Demo Skills Class; or the full workshop with additional mentors), please see the Large Audience Layout and associated venue logistics.

Lectures and Large Audience Demo Workshop

The various Lecture (presentation) sessions as well as the Large Audience Demo Workshop are conducted with the conference room arranged in "U-shape room layout" with a writing table shared by two or more attendees (see graphic above). Other specifics of the Lecture Area are:

Projection Screen (front or rear projection)

PC Projector on small table large enough to also hold a laptop (Wayne will provide laptop and remote mouse)

VGA or HDMI video extension cord for connecting participant laptops to PC projector of about 3 meters length

Power outlets

for PC projector and laptop (2 outlets minimum)

at the classroom tables for each attendee (1 outlet/attendee for their personal laptop PC)

Flip Chart (1) and Markers (3 different colors preferred)

The following are required for audiences exceeding 25 attendees:

Sound System (room or standalone), including:

wireless lapel microphone

connection from PC audio into Sound System

Raised Stage

Small Audience and Team Demo Workshops

The class will break into smaller groups for the small audience and team demo workshops. These demonstrations are conducted in a casual mode with each "demo cell" having on average 4 people seated in front of one table (e.g. four demo cells are illustrated in the graphic above). Logistics for each demo cell are:

Power outlet (minimum of 1 per demo cell)

Flip Chart and Markers (1 set per demo cell)

Web-Delivered Demo Workshop (optional depending on available time and logistics; please confirm with your technical liaison or Wayne before making these arrangements)

The web-delivered demo workshop can be conducted with the "customer audience" positioned in the Lecture Area of the conference room and the "remote demo engineer" positioned at a Remote Location (could be another conference room or hotel sleeping room, or indeed a remote city), out-of-sight and out-of-hearing-range of the conference room. This is intended to simulate (quite realistically) a demo being delivered from City #1 to an audience in City #2 hundreds or thousands of miles away. Specific details of logistics for this workshop:

Broadband Internet access -- in both the Lecture Area of the conference room and the Remote Location

Web-Conferencing Account (e.g. WebEx, Google+ Hangout, or equivalent)

Speaker phone in Lecture Area, if web-conferencing tool does not provided integral audio

Hands-off phone (speaker or headset) or webcam in the Remote Location