"A must do for all software professionals... application engineers, all sales staff, marketing and sales support. Workshop content is spot on, and the role playing works extremely well... overall simply perfect!" ... Tim Thomas, CEO, CADENAS PARTsolutions

"More than 350 of our sales and application engineers have attended WAMware Demonstration, Presentation, and Elevator Pitch workshops. Wayne's sessions have been high-energy, motivational and, most importantly, have delivered a step-function increase in the impact by which our people now present and demo our software solutions to prospects." ... Joe Fairbanks, VP Sales, ANSYS Inc.

"Wayne had a great impact on our team! His Demonstration and Presentation Skills Workshop was 'just what the doctor ordered' for our growing business. The lessons Wayne taught to our sales teams on interpersonal and client dynamics were the best I have ever been through. Many of our sales engineers were relatively junior and we saw a quantum leap in their effectiveness and in our ability to close business. Great Results, Expert Product, Good Value. ... Kevin O'Shea, VP Sales, CFDesign Blue Ridge Numerics Inc.

"In my 17 years in the CAD business, the WAMware Demo Skills Workshop was the very best training event I've ever attended ." ... Sylvain Trudel, Technical Manager, SolidXperts

"The WAMware Demo Skills Workshop had an awesome influence on me! As a matter of fact, I was named employee-of-the-year and my success has a lot to do with the workshop!!" ... Marc Sauro, Pre-Sales Application Engineer, SolidXperts

"The WAMware Demo Skills Workshops that we provided for our European sales teams were simply great. Our sales/technical pairs are now demonstrating our products with significantly increased enthusiasm and sales-closing effectiveness. " ... Martine Meskens, Demo Center and Sales Training , Esko Europe

"Esko held an excellent Demo Skills Workshop for our software & application staff from around Asia and Australia. Wayne's workshop was very intense, well conducted yet practical and adapted to our own needs. Our team has greatly benefited from the experience and the quality of our product demonstrations has improved substantially since the workshop" ... Jean-Pierre De Moor, Vice President, Esko Asia Pacific

"In my many years in the CAD industry, I have attended dozens of training events including product training, sales training, instructor development classes, and courses in public speaking. Without a doubt, the WAMware Demo Skills Workshop was the most effective and enjoyable training that I have ever experienced." ... DJ Kim, SolidWorks Korea

"Wayne is a very unique individual. I have never met anyone who could prepare and perform a top drawer demo including discussing the technology in its full technical detail in the morning and have a superior management/ROI/business strategy discussion with the CEO in the afternoon. No one has more energy than Wayne." ... Brad Morley, board director, engineering software market

"Wayne has conducted three Demo Skills Workshops for our sales teams in Central Europe and we are extremely pleased with the results. Not only is Wayne the "Demo Grandmaster" himself, but he is unique in his ability to transfer this skill to others. Both new and experienced AEs (and even repeat attendees) have come away with dramatically improved skills to deliver exciting and convincing demonstrations, so much so that we plan to repeat the workshop about every two years. The WAMware Demo Skills Workshop is one of the best investments we've made for internal training."... Stefan Werner, Support Manager, Business Unit-North, SDRC (now Siemens PLM) Central Europe

"Wayne is well-known for his exciting demonstrations of engineering software, but he also has a unique ability to transfer this skill to others. Wayne has conducted two workshops for our European staff, with impressive results. New and veteran AEs across our visualization, ergonomics and factory simulation product lines all showed significant improvement in their ability to deliver enthusiastic, motivating demonstrations."... Ralph Harris, EAI (now Siemens PLM) European management