We believe a Train-the-Trainer program makes great sense, especially in geographies that we've covered quite well in recent years and where our client has strong regional technical talent with proven involvement in supporting prior workshops. There is an on-going need in many geographies to refresh past attendees and train new hires, and with this session this need can be very nicely handled by select in-place technical talent as part of their annual/quarterly objectives.

Certification as a Demo Skills Trainer will be one more value added in the quiver of these regional technical talents, plus will ensure that Demo Skills remains an on-going critical-path program.

The Train-the-Trainer program includes:

    • review of WAMware Demo Skills lecture and workshop materials

    • mock hands-on workshop sessions to emphasize the tricks-of-the-trade in running the workshops for max benefit

    • discussion and examples of how to handle a variety of student personalities

    • controlling the flow and timing of the workshop

    • optimizing the benefits of role playing and peer critique

    • techniques for capturing video clips and group critique of same

    • certification of trainers by observing mock training segments