Elevator Pitch Workshop
Presentation Skills
Demo Skills Workshop

A personal model of high-impact presentation and demonstration skills, Wayne McClelland will be a "sensei" to your sales teams... over two thousand sales and application engineers trained at workshops around the world:

    • Europe: Barcelona, Frankfurt, Gent, London, Munich, Paris, Rotterdam

    • Latin America: Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Porto Alegre, São Paulo

    • North America: Ames, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Dayton, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Montreal, Orlando, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, Toronto

    • Asia: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo

The software demo... a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, and at the same time reciting the Gettysburg address... all with enthusiasm!

The software demonstration continues to play a critical role in the software sales process. Unfortunately this great opportunity to convince the prospect all too often goes unrealized for the simple lack of good presentation and demonstration techniques. We invest person-months in training our application engineers and sales people in the technology and mechanics of the software product... but pay little if any attention to building top-notch presentation and demonstration skills.

Try asking your application engineers and sales people the simple question... Is the primary purpose of a demo to inform the audience about our product? In addition to a puzzled look, you're likely to get the answer... yes, of course. Certainly informing our audience is a noble objective... but not our primary purpose! The primary purpose of a software demonstration, and especially early in the sales process, is to enthuse the audience... to get their emotional attachment to our product. As the sales process progresses, we'll have plenty of opportunity to inform them of the features, functions, and benefits of our product... so that they can rationalize the emotional decision (albeit subconscious) that they've already made.

Excellent demonstration skills and presentation techniques will secure this "emotional buy" early in the process and help fuel the ensuing "rationalization" that leads to selection and purchase of our product. These skills are also important during the shepherding of hands-on sessions for our prospects... and in retaining control and momentum during grueling and pivotal benchmark marathons. The Demonstration Skills, Elevator Pitch, and Public Speaking for Geeks workshops, a business of WAMware Ltd., deliver proven results, namely a step-function change from lackluster and inconsistent... to high-impact, sales-driving demonstrations and presentations. Contact Us today to discuss how the WAMware Way can produce high-impact results from your sales teams!

Proven Results

a step-function change from lackluster and inconsistent... to high-impact sales-driving demonstrations and presentations!

The WAM Advantage

  • a personal model of high-impact demo and presentation skills... a "sensei" to your sales teams
  • 45 years industry experience; 5,000+ career demos, from one-on-ones, to Wall St rollouts, to 5000-attendee events
  • strong understanding of selling globally
  • lecture portion of workshops provided in English, German or Spanish (with optional translation into other local languages); hands-on portions in native language of the student
  • every workshop customer is a multi-repeat customer

The WAMware Workshops

  • one-or-two-day events: 30% lecture, 70% hands-on
  • tailored to your company solutions and sales process
  • fast-paced, high-energy
  • highly effective for novices through top-gun veterans