The Vision of Development Education (International) Society, DEIS is

Poverty Alleviation and prevention through Enterprise Development in India:

'Poverty Alleviation' shall be attempted, in the short term, by making enterprise information and training available and accessible to the target group, of poor and disadvantaged, through the intervention and use of mass media and field programmes. The effort will be such that the target group can reinforce and build on their own development capacities and consequently overcome their economic poverty.

'Poverty Prevention' shall be attempted, in the long term, through promoting enterprise culture, by complementing the school curriculum with Enterprise Education. This would help school children, when they leave school, to seek options of alternative economic income generating activities.

Environmental Activities:

DEIS, is an NPO, objectives being to undertake socio-economic development projects and research for making effective educational programmes. It also undertakes corporate Environmental Activities programmes.

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