Worship Committee

Worship Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

We are the people who clean the pews of paper (and sometimes other debris), straighten the Bibles and hymnals, and fill the prayer card slots after worship services. But that’s not all – the committee is also charged with communion set-up, scheduling lay readers, preparing the sanctuary for church seasons, collaborating with Lori Abbott, our music director, and assorted other duties. See one of the members of the Worship Committee for information about our monthly meetings.

If you have a special event and would like to do something to make it significant, sign up (individuals or groups) to usher at worship. It's a celebratory way to serve the church! Sign-up here or at church in the narthex.

Catch up with your old friends and strive to make new ones each Sunday morning at worship at Deerhurst. Our church schedule is in full swing within the comfort of our routines as we welcome the weeks ahead. Is this the year you join a group or a committee to stretch your connections, both within yourself and within your church family? Think about the many opportunities at Deerhurst and be sure you are part of the fun and fellowship!

Worship at ten o’clock each Sunday morning. Enjoy the beautiful piano, organ and choir music. Sing those hymns with gusto. Don’t hold back. The people in the pew in front of you don’t mind some off-key notes. Really. Smile supportively at the possibly-nervous lay reader (and if you think you might like to take a turn at that job, call Linda Adams at 874 6483 to sign up!). Listen to Reverend Steve’s thought-provoking and uplifting sermon with an open heart filled with God’s presence. Pray. Pray often and pray hard. Use the sanctity of the sanctuary to form your thoughts and pray purposefully. Think of this time of worship as a grounding point for your days ahead.

Coffee hour follows worship downstairs in Memorial Hall. Find out what’s been going on with your friends, introduce yourself to someone you don’t yet know, sign up for events, buy candy bars or popcorn from those pesky kids, ask the pastor questions about what you listened to upstairs (It keeps him on his toes!) and drink the delicious coffee or tea provided by our Deacons. Surely our “worship” is extended to this time as we confirm our connections in God’s house.

Enjoy your church! Worship in it, feel God’s presence here, serve it with joy and dedication. It’s a privilege to have it.

Committee Members

Barbara Burr - Chair Nancy Fleischauer

Linda Adams Pat Lahti

Haren Hartrich Reverend Steve

Janet Kuebler

Revised Apr-2018