Deerhurst Deacons support the members and friends of our congregations in many ways. We visit homebound and hospitalized members and correspond with students in college and people serving in the military. We operate the church’s food pantry, a well-stocked and well-organized source of food for people in need. We have a freezer full of food that is regularly rotated out to families in crisis or otherwise unable to cook homemade meals. We sponsor the annual Deerhurst picnic when the congregation comes together to worship God and share a meal and games. Each Sunday after worship, the congregation enjoys fairly traded coffee (provided by the Deacons) and conversation as we extend our morning of community in Coffee Hour.

Being a Deacon is a rewarding service to our church. Contact a member of the nominating committee if you are interested in volunteering for this “duty”.

Deerhust Deacons

Joanne Collis

Karen Friend

Debbie Henning

Ellie Malkiewicz

Patrick Mohr- youth deacon

Jim Mohr

Sandy Mundier

Nancy Paul

Jeanette Pease

Nancy Peterson

Scott Peterson

Tom Rolle- moderator

Beth Sheperd

Revised Apr-2018