Article X Amendment Reference Page

The following material is consolidated for public reference.  These links to documents and websites should not in any way be considered complete and all-inclusive. There are many ideas and concepts that may still be presented for use which are not shown on this page.  These are selected sites only that give general information on urban forest and landscape topics.  The knowledge base is growing and new research gives us more insight in how to properly adjust our community for our living trees. Additional information is presented on the Landscape and Tree Ordinance page.  That page can also now be found at

Updates for Part 1: Pruning and Part 8: Root Management are available.

CODE AMENDMENTS - Sustainable Development and Construction/Current Planning
Texas Trees Foundation

Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time from Jeannine Richards on Vimeo.

General Ordinance Revisions from other municipalities
City of Seattle Tip Sheet
Libertyville tree preservation code

Landscape Ordinance Topics Including Irrigation Standards
Guidelines for Implementation of the City of Santee Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (see "Water Efficient..." pdf below)
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance - State of California (city and county ordinances)
Alternative Landscape Plans - Fayetteville, NC

Reforestation Fund
City of Houston information sheet

Tree Lists
Northern Illinois Tree Species List (Morton Arboretum - 2015)
Southern Trees Fact Sheets - U of FL Extension

'Clear-cutting', or Deforestation

Planned Developments (PD)

Single Family Development

Shared Access Development

2-acre exemption (tree preservation)
Pasadena, CA p. 10 - see below
City of Seattle - Tip Sheet

Heritage and Historic trees
City of Denton - Tree Survey and Preservation checklist
City of Austin - Significant Tree Identification

Tree Survey, or Tree Stand Delineation
City of San Antonio - options for tree stand delineation

Soil Planting Requirements
Minimum Soil Volumes For Trees - Arborism Blog report
Soil for Urban Tree Planting - T. Smiley (Bartlett)
Tree Root Growth Requirements - Dr. Kim Coder (U. of Ga)

ft³ =
m³ * 35.315

Parking lots
City of San Antonio - tree shade
City of Gilbert, AZ - Urban Heat Island

Street Trees and Utilities
Trees in Urban Design - Crabtree & Hall
Trees In Business Districts - Center for Urban Horticulture (Social forestry)
Splash Splash - Louisiana

Tree Protection

Conservation Easements and Transfer of Development Rights 

Enforcement of Illegal Tree Removals
Fort Worth ordinance - J. Penalty - 
"Any person, firm, or corporation who violates, disobeys, omits, neglects or refuses to comply with or who resists the enforcement of any of the provisions of this ordinance may be:
a) assessed a penalty of two hundred dollars ($200) per diameter inch of all trees, regardless of size, removed or damaged without a valid Urban Forestry Permit and/or Tree Removal Permit, four hundred dollars ($400) per diameter inch of Significant or Large Tree removed or damaged without a valid Urban Forestry Plan or permit, and/or
b) issued a citation for misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500) for the removal or damage of each tree."

"Where illegal tree removal has occurred and the physical evidence has been removed from the site, a penalty will be assessed based on calculations using aerial photographs available to the City, calculated at a rate of four and 94/100 dollars ($4.94) per square foot of illegally removed canopy for all trees regardless of size or nine and 88/100 dollars ($9.88) per square foot of Significant or Large Trees removed or damaged."

City of McKinney - selective tree removals
Dagsboro, DE - unauthorized clearing mitigation

Landscape Concepts
Property Topics and Concepts - American Planning Association
Landscape Design - U. of Florida, Inst. of Food & Agricultural Sciences
Principles of Landscape Design - Colorado St. U. Extension
Trees in Urban Design - Crabtree & Hall
    Capitol Hill EcoDistrict (Seattle)

Technical Manual
Planting Details and Specifications (Urban Tree Foundation)
Landscape Plants (U of Florida)
City of Gaithersburg, MD Tree Manual - (see pdf below)
Principles of Landscape Design - Colorado State U. Extension
Selecting and Planting Trees - Morton Arboretum

Master Plans and Urban Forest Management Plans

References and Research
Landscape Plants - University of Florida
DeepRoot (YouTube)
Use of Biochar to Enhance Urban Street Tree Growth and Survival (presentation with others) - Arborday Foundation
Light Imprint Handbook - dpz Charlotte (web link only)
No Trees, No Future - Trees and Design Action Group (UK, 2008)
Public Health and Landscape - Landscape Institute (UK)
The Canopy - Trees and Design Action Group (UK, 2011)
Splash Splash - Louisiana (Abbey)
The Root of the Problem - James Urban (Nursery stock trees)

City of Dallas Paving Design Manual (1998) - City Council resolution
City of Dallas Drainage Design Manual (1993) - no council resolution

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