10.123 Landscape Plan Submission and Review


(a) If this division applies to a lot pursuant to Section 51A-10.121, a landscape plan must be submitted to the building official with the application for a building permit for work on the lot. For landscape plans that are not submitted electronically, a landscape plan submission must consist of two blueline or blackline prints. The plan must have a scale of one inch equals 50 feet or larger (e.g. one inch equals 40 feet, one inch equals 30 feet, etc.) and be on a standard drawing sheet of a size not to exceed 36 inches by 48 inches. A plan which cannot be drawn in its entirety on a 36 inch by 48 inch sheet must be drawn with appropriate match lines on two or more sheets.

(b) Except as provided in this article, any person may prepare the landscape plan required under this division.

(c) A landscape plan required under this division must contain the following information:

_________ (1) Date, scale, north point, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each property owner and the person preparing the plan.

_________ (2) Location of existing boundary lines and dimensions of the lot, the zoning classification of the lot, and the zoning classification of adjacent properties. A vicinity map should also be attached to or made a part of the plan.

_________ (3) Approximate centerlines of existing water courses and the location of the flood plain, the escarpment zone, and geologically similar areas, as those terms are defined in Article V, if applicable; the approximate location of significant drainage features; and the location and size of existing and proposed streets and alleys, utility easements, driveways, and sidewalks on or adjacent to the lot.

_________ (4) Location of centerlines of overhead and underground utility lines within and adjacent to the building site, and the location of all utilities, utility easements, including the location of utility poles, generators, and equipment, and any items listed in Section 51A-10.104(h).

_________ (5) Project name, street address, and lot and block description.

_________ (6) Location, height, and material of proposed screening and fencing (with berms to be delineated by one-foot contours).

_________ (7) Locations and dimensions of required landscape areas.

_________ (8) Complete description of plant materials shown on the plan, including names (common and scientific name), locations, quantities, container or caliper sizes at installation, heights, spread, and spacing. The location and type of all existing trees on the lot over six inches in diameter must be specifically indicated to be counted as required landscape trees.

_________ (9) Complete description of landscaping and screening to be provided in or near off-street parking and loading areas, including information as to the amount (in square feet) of landscape area to be provided internal to parking areas and the number and location of required off-street parking and loading spaces.

________ (10) An indication of which protected trees will be removed during construction and how existing healthy trees proposed to be retained will be protected from damage during construction.

________ (11) Size, height, location, and material of proposed seating, lighting, planters, sculptures, and water features.

________ (12) A description of proposed watering methods or an irrigation plan.

________ (13) Location of visibility triangles on the premises (if applicable).

________ (14) Existing and proposed locations of trees transplanted on-site.


(a) In general. The building official shall review each landscape plan submitted to determine whether it complies with the requirements of this division. All landscape plans must comply with the mandatory provisions in Section 51A-10.125. In addition, all landscape plans must meet the minimum number of landscape design option described in Section 51A-10.126. Except as provided in this article, the same landscape features and elements may be strategically placed so as to comply with more than one provision. (For example, the same trees may be located so as to qualify as required street buffer zone trees and required parking lot trees.)

(b) Landscape plan revisions. If requested by the applicant, the building official may approve revisions to staff-approved landscape plans and related permits if the revisions further the spirit and intent of this article. Revisions of elements required by this article are limited to:

(1) Substitution of more appropriate plant species.

(2) Revisions required by utility conflicts.

(3) Locations of plant materials up to a maximum of 10 feet.