Irrigation Requirements

SEC. 51A-10.106.                  IRRIGATION REQUIREMENTS.


            (a)       In general. 


                        (1)       Except as provided in this section, automatic irrigation systems must be installed as part of new required landscaping for commercial and multifamily uses with combined landscape areas of 500 square feet or more. 


                        (2)       The automatic irrigation system must be:


                                    (A)      shown on a landscape plan or irrigation plan; and


                                    (B)       adequate to maintain the plant materials in a healthy, growing condition at all times.


(b)       Renovations and additions.  For properties on building sites or artificial lots less than two acres, with permits for renovations or additions that require landscaping all required plant materials must be a maximum of 100 feet from an irrigation source with a permanently installed threaded hose connection.  [All plant materials used as screening under this article must be irrigated by an automatic irrigation system installed to comply with industry standards.  Other plant materials used to comply with this article must be located within 100 feet of a verifiable water supply.]  Proposed watering methods (irrigation or otherwise) must be:


                        (1[a])   shown [indicated] on the landscape plan, if any; and


                        (2[b])  capable of maintaining [adequate to maintain] the plant materials in a healthy, growing condition at all times. 


            (c)       Alternate irrigation.   The building official may authorize an alternate method of irrigation for required landscape areas if the alternate irrigation method is:


                        (1)       certified by a landscape architect or licensed irrigator;


                        (2)       shown on a stamped landscape plan or irrigation plan; and


                        (3)       capable of maintaining the plant materials in a healthy, growing condition at all times.

SEC. 51A-10.108.                  GENERAL MAINTENANCE.

(a)       Required plant materials must be maintained in a healthy, growing condition at all times.  The property owner is responsible for regular weeding, mowing of grass, irrigating, fertilizing, pruning, and other maintenance of all plantings as needed. Any required plant that dies or is removed must be replaced with another living plant that complies with this article and the approved landscape plan, if any, within 90 days after notification by the city.

(b)       Any damage to utility lines resulting from the negligence of the property owner or his agents or employees in the installation and maintenance of required plant materials in a utility easement is the responsibility of the property owner. If a public utility disturbs a landscaped area in a utility easement, it shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the plant materials and return them to their prior locations after the utility work. If, nonetheless, some plant materials die, it is the obligation of the property owner to replace the plant materials