Krzysztof Czubaszek was born in 1974. He graduated from the Polish Philology Department, specialized in culture and teaching (University of Warsaw, 1998), then from the postgraduate studies of public relations and media (Institute for Literary Studies, Polish Academy of Science, 2003) and the postgraduate studies for creators, artists and managers of culture (Management Department, University of Warsaw, 2011). He is also a Doctor of Philosophy (Institute of History, Department of Arts, Catholic University of Lublin, 2006). He lives in Warsaw.

Culture and promotion, media and public relations, history and literature – are the main areas of his interest. He is a manager of culture, lecturer, author of many press articles and a few books (i.a. the novel "Patron" /The Patron/ and the historical work "Żydzi Łukowa i okolic" /The Jews of Łuków and Its Vicinity/).

In the years 2012-2015 Krzysztof Czubaszek was a deputy mayor of the central district of Warsaw, and in the years 2017-2019 he was a mayor of that district.

In 2021 Krzysztof Czubaszek was appointed director of the "Alternatywy" Community Centre – the biggest and the most modern cultural institution of this type in Warsaw.

For several years he has been dealing with the life and literary output of Jules Verne – a French author of the 19th century, known as the father of science fiction. He is a member of Société Jules Verne (Paris, since 1997) and Centre International Jules Verne (Amiens, since 2001). In 2000 he established the Polish Jules Verne Society and since then he has been the president of this organisation.

In 2010 the Society of Warsaw’s Friends decorated Krzysztof Czubaszek with the honorary golden award for community service and merits for Warsaw. In 2013 he got the honorary award of the Warsaw's Mayor Stefan Starzyński for community activity for Warsaw. In 2015 the Polish Union of Pensioners and Disabled gave him the honorary golden award for outstanding contribution to that organisation and the World Union of the Home Army Veterans awarded him the medal of merit. In 2018 the Society of Warsaw’s Friends decorated Krzysztof Czubaszek with the jubilee medal for a special contribution to the development of this organization and for carrying out various activities for building the majesty of the Capital of the Republic of Poland. In the same year he was nominated for the weekly "Tygodnik Siedlecki" award - "Golden Wings - Man of the Year 2017" and was decorated with the honorary award of the memory of Krystyna Krahelska - the memory of the Warsaw Uprising for saving from the oblivion of soldiers' and civilians' heroism in the Warsaw Uprising.