Recognition and registration methods

A part of the CVonline computer vision resource summarizing different approaches to structure registration and classification as commonly used in computer vision and image processing.

  1. Statistical classification methods

    1. Bayesian classifier

    2. Contextual image classification

    3. Decision trees

    4. Learning classifier systems

    5. Feature-based

    6. Fuzzy classification

    7. Hough forest

    8. k-nearest neighbor classification

    9. Linear and higher order discriminant functions

    10. Markov random field based classification

    11. Minimum distance estimation

    12. Multi-classifier fusion

    13. Neural networks

    14. Random Forest

    15. Sparse coding

    16. Support vector machines and two-sided SVMs

    17. Vector quantization based classification

  2. General reasoning methods used in vision

  1. Geometric model matching, Feature correspondence, Shape correspondence

        1. Non-Rigid ICP

  1. Identity verification/alignment

  1. Model based indexing, invocation

  2. Special feature matching

  1. Syntactic pattern matching