Geometric and other image features and methods

A part of the CVonline computer vision resource summarizing different types of features that can be extracted from images.

  1. Compressed image feature extraction

    1. Camera motion estimation

    2. Color Distributions/Descriptors

    3. Edge detection in compressed images

    4. Salient Points

    5. Texture descriptors from compressed images

  2. Connected-component labeling

  3. Corner and interest point feature detectors and descriptors

  1. Curve fitting/Local curvature estimation

  1. Edge detection and enhancement

  1. Edge/line/Contour feature following, grouping, linking and tracking

  1. Global structure extraction

  1. Feature histograms

  1. Image descriptors

  1. Line detection

  1. Feature mensuration

  1. Model-based feature detection/segmentation

  1. Object Detection

    1. Object proposals

    2. Stereo object proposals

  1. Point or Pixel descriptions (See also Classification transforms)

  1. Primal sketch

  2. Blob and region detection

  1. Region detection methods

  1. Ridge and valley detection

  2. Hidden surface determination

  3. Skew analysis and estimation

  4. Spatial relationship detection

  1. Spatio-temporal descriptors

  1. Special feature extraction

  1. Structure tensor

  2. Surface patches in volumes

  1. Surface segmentation from 2 1/2D or 3D data (see also range segmentation)

    1. Surface shape parameter estimation

  1. Surface shape (Shape-from-X methods)

  1. Image texture

  1. Topological image description

  2. Visual routines, empirical feature detectors

  3. Volume detection

  1. Wavelet moment invariants

      1. Daubechies wavelet