Object, world and scene representations

A part of the CVonline computer vision resource summarizing the different object, world and scene representations commonly encountered in computer vision and image processing.

  1. Full object representations

    1. Flat

    2. Hierarchical, by parts, structural decomposition, subcomponent representation

    3. 3D object representations

  2. Functional representations

  3. Geometric representation of model features

    1. Region representations

        1. Spherical spin images

  1. Logical and symbolic representations

  1. Multi-scale representation approaches

  1. Non-rigid model representations

  1. Non-symbolic representations

  1. Procedural representations

  1. Shape classes/Shape families

  2. Temporal representations

    1. Short-term activity representations

      1. Motion history/Energy models

      2. Volume motion templates

    2. Long-term activity representations

  1. Types of models

  1. Viewer centered representations, Viewpoint-dependent representations