Image physics related concepts

A part of the CVonline computer vision resource summarizing the scene, optics and sensor phenomena commonly encountered in computer vision and image processing.

  1. Color and reflectance

    1. Albedo, Irradiance, Radiance, Reflectance, Luminance

    2. Bidirectional reflectance distribution function

    3. Color difference

    4. Color vision, Colorimetry

      1. Illumination, lightness, color constancy, reflectance recovery and shading correction

      2. Color correction

      3. Color normalization

    5. Color representation systems

    1. Dichromatic reflectance model

    2. Empirical color representations

    1. Reflectance map

    2. Special worlds

  1. Image content, structure and formation

  1. Light and illumination

    1. Special situations

    1. Special sources

  1. Image noise and noise in video

  1. Optics

  1. Sensor response

  2. Surface shape physics