CUNY Representation Theory Seminar

Corina Calinescu (ccalinescu at
Andrew Douglas (adouglas2 at
Josh Sussan (joshuasussan at
Time:           Fridays at 2:00 - 3:30 PM
Place:            CUNY Graduate Center, Room 3209
                   365 Fifth Avenue (between 34 and 35th streets), New York, NY.

Spring 2015 Schedule

 30 Speaker:  Bart Van Steirteghem (CUNY)
 Title:  The moduli scheme of affine spherical varieties with a free weight monoid.

 6 Speaker:  Yin Tian (Stony Brook)
 Title:  A diagrammatic categorification of a Clifford algebra via contact topology.
 27 Speaker:  Bud Coulson (Rutgers)
 Title: A motivated proof of the Goellnitz-Gordon-Andrews partition identities.  

 13 Speaker:  Zajj Daugherty (CUNY)
 Title: Representations of the two-boundary Temperley Lieb algebra.
 20 Speaker:  Jim Lepowsky (Rutgers)
 Title: Surprises about sl(2)-modules.
 27 Speaker:  Ben Steinberg (CUNY)
 Title:  The representation theory of the full transformation monoid.

 17 Speaker:  Nils Carqueville (Vienna University)
 Title: Equivariant completion in topological quantum field theory
 24 Speaker:  Haisheng Li (Rutgers)
 Title: Associating quantum vertex algebras to quantum affine algebras

 1 Speaker: Guido Pezzini (Erlangen)
 Title: Spherical subgroups of Kac-Moody groups
 15 Speaker: Julia Gordon (UBC)
 Title: Uniform in p estimates for orbital integrals