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What makes people move? Looking at the neural foundations of movement and the role sound plays in stimulating the brain might provide a starting point for exercise and movement taking inspiration from the traditions of yoga and martial art. We also wish to investigate what role interactive video & VR can play, both in providing the motivation to move as well as in contributing to the performance, setting the goal for an end product worth looking at!

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  • Joachim Ernst Berendt -- The Third Ear: On Listening to the World (amazon
  • Alfred Gell -- Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory (amazon
  • Stewart Elliott Guthrie -- Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion (amazon
  • Tim Ingold -- The Life of Lines (amazon
  • Rodolfo R. Llinas -- I of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self (amazon
  • William H. McNeill -- Keeping Together in Time (amazon
  • Gabrielle Roth -- Sweat Your Prayers: The Five Rhythms of the Soul -- Movement as Spiritual Practice (amazon
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