Frequently Asked Questions about Craig Ferguson & The Late Late Show


  1. 1 How can I watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?
  2. 2 Craig is on Twitter? Where? How can I follow?
  3. 3 How do I send a tweet to Craig?
  4. 4 Is there anyone else I should "follow" on Twitter?
  5. 5 How can I find others on The Tweety who enjoy Craig Ferguson?
  6. 6 Is Craig Ferguson on Facebook or Myspace? There's a guy on the myfacetube who says he's Craig Ferguson. Is it?
  7. 7 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Theme Song
  8. 8 The MySpace Experiment
  9. 9 What are those blue cards and why did Craig rip them up each night?
  10. 10 Why does Craig call himself TV's Craig Ferguson?
  11. 11 What the heck is this Irn Bru stuff Craig has mentioned?
  12. 12 What is this "Robot Skeleton Army" business?
  13. 13 Celebrity Name Game
  14. 14 Geoff Peterson, Robot Skeleton Sidekick
  15. 15 Puppets Used on TLLS
  16. 16 Craig's Snake Mug
    1. 16.1 Where did Craig get his snake mug?
    2. 16.2 What's it say on the bottom of his mug?
    3. 16.3 Where can I get my very own snake mug?
    4. 16.4 Snake Mug Assassination
  17. 17 Hey, Craig said I should send him sex-ay tweets. Did he really mean it?
  18. 18 Craig Ferguson leaves TLLS December 19 2014
  19. 19 Craig's Tattoos
  20. 20 Some Craigy basics
    1. 20.1 Is Craig married?
    2. 20.2 What were those pictures on Craig's desk?
    3. 20.3 I heard Craig and Mrs F were having a baby!
    4. 20.4 How many kids does Craig have?
    5. 20.5 Will Craig show us any pictures of his kids??
    6. 20.6 Where does Craig live?
    7. 20.7 Why won't Craig [talk about his family / discuss his private life]?
    8. 20.8 Was Craig drunk on the show?
  21. 21 Who are you? How do you know all this stuff? Who made YOU the "expert" on Craig??
  22. 22 Incidental and Bumper Music
  23. 23 Links of interest

How can I watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?

Craig's last show was December 19, 2014, so as of now, the only place you can watch TLLS is on the you tubes. Totally legally, of course.

For historical purposes, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson aired on CBS weeknights at 12:37am Eastern/Pacific, 11:37pm Central, immediately following Letterman.

TLLS with Craig Ferguson aired on the following stations around the world:
Australia: Eleven TV as of Jan 11, 2011
Canadia: Omni.
Japan: AXN as of 10 May 2014.

Know of another network outside the US that aired TLLS? Let me know!

Craig is on Twitter? Where? How can I follow?

Just pop on over to The Tweety, and sign up for a free account. 
Then visit Craig's tweety page (
@CraigyFerg) and click the "Follow" button. That's all there is to it!

How do I send a tweet to Craig?

In the update box on twitter, just start your tweet with @craigyferg. You can also include his user name with the @ symbol anywhere else in your tweet. This is known as "tagging" someone. Any time a tweet starts with or includes @craigyferg, it'll show up in Craig's "@ replies" area.

Please remember, having the ability to send a tweet to Craig also comes with great responsibility. He attempted MySpace, back in the day, and lasted FOUR DAYS, thanks to mean, rude, nagging "fans." (See The MySpace Experiment below) Don't let Twitter be a repeat of that. (Again.) Please understand:

1) Craig is very good at giving things up, and
2) When Craig leaves, we ALL lose.*

With that in mind...
  • Don't be a dick.
    That's right, I've invoked Wheaton's Law. Originally a suggestion regarding sportsmanship in online gaming, it also applies to life in general.

  • Don't be rude!
    Craig is a regular person, just like you (but with a really AWESOME job). Negative or sarcastic tweets may not be as well received as you intended.

  • Craig does know how to block people and exercises this option frequently. 
    Learn it. Live it. Love it. Craig has said several times on the show that he blocks people; that if you send him a tweet with even the SLIGHTEST bit of negativity, he will block you. Take heed... he is a man of his word on this subject. *Craig does not lie about things that are important.* Just try to be your best self. Treat him the way you would want others to treat you. Nobody -- not even "Hollywood stars" -- should be expected to allow needless negativity to come into their lives, when there's the handy "block" button right there.
  • Try not to tag him in your tweets to excess.
    If you're directing a question or comment to him, that's one thing. If you're pointlessly tagging him just for the sake of it, while tweeting about what you had for lunch today, you may want to reconsider. If you want to discuss him in your tweet, but it's nothing that he really needs to read (And honestly... that's 99% of the tweets right there.), just use his name without the @ symbol, or use the hashtag version of his user name instead. (#craigyferg). People will still know who you're talking about, and Craig's @ replies aren't loaded down with junk. Everybody wins!

  • Excessive flattery will get you nowhere
    Craig has been in show-biz a very long time, and has had people kissing his ass for years. He's not stupid, and he's not perfect. Assuming he's either, will only annoy him.

  • Don't nag, beg, or tell him what he MUST or NEEDS to do.
    Craig is not your trained monkey, just waiting to perform on command. Gentle suggestions are okay... IF you word it nicely. Constructive criticism is okay... again, IF worded nicely (though perhaps going the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" route would be best). Just understand that Craig is perfectly capable of thinking for himself and figuring out what works and doesn't work, and who he does and doesn't want on the show. Nagging tweets may backfire and get you blocked, or get the "unknown artist" you're hoping to have on his show put on the "Oh, hell no!" list, or the "Sin Bin," as Craig calls it. (Remember, Craig does not want to be Robot Skeleton *Married*)

  • Don't beg for re-tweets or to be followed
    See above regarding nagging and begging. Requests for either of these fall into the same category. And as someone wise once said, "Before asking a witty celebrity to follow you, you might read your own feed first. Would YOU follow you?" 

  • PS: If you do get hit with the dreaded Craigy Ka-Block, keep in mind there is no appeal process and no undo. Don't be a douche and whine about it. Just take a look at your tweets to him and see if you can figure out what you might have said that maybe wasn't an example of you being your best self. It's usually pretty obvious. Figure out what that thing was, and take note. Then, if you want, start a new tweety account and follow him again, but play nice this time. :) 

  • Remember: "Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism." (And by "romance," he's talking about this. Chivalry is not dead.)

Still thinking about tweeting him something rude? First w
atch this rant on harsh and stupid tweeters, from June 28, 2012:

*Harsh, stupid and annoying tweeters have already lost us the excited and open Craig that first joined Twitter. If tweeters continue to push him too far, we'll even lose what little we have left. To illustrate, here's a snapshot of Craig's tweet frequency since he first joined until early 2013. Sad.

Is there anyone else I should "follow" on Twitter?

Yes! Craig is involved in several projects, so here are some tweeters who will keep you up to date and entertained with Craigy Goodness:
  • @CFergTour: This is Craig's official tour account tweety, run by magical elves.
  • @RSA_NewsWeekly rundown of Craig news.
  • @CelebNameGame: The official tweety account for Celebrity  Name Game, which Craig has been hosting since 2014
  • @JoinOrDieHIST: The official tweety account for Join or Die with Craig Ferguson, which airs Thursday nights on HISTORY
Follow at will... If you do, please remember that these accounts are run by actual people, just like you and me. (Craig, too! He's people!) And none of these people are our trained monkeys, or are only there for our amusement. (Though they do amuse on a regular basis!) So feel free to ask them questions, or send comments, but please do so in a respectful manner. Do what you can to make their experience on the tweety as fun and as interesting as you would like it to be for yourself.

How can I find others on The Tweety who enjoy Craig Ferguson?

Several ways...

Check out the "Followers" lists of the "essential" tweeters above, and see if anyone looks interesting to you. If they do, click the follow button. Don't be afraid to jump into somebody's tweety "conversation" with a question or a comment. That's how connections are made. When you find a new tweety friend, check out who THEY follow, and so on.

Use the little search box on the tweety and search for Craig-related tweets. If anyone talking about him sounds interesting to you, follow. Some suggested searches on the tweety: 
  • craigyferg (or just @craigyferg -- this search is helpful if you only want to see the messages people are sending to Craig)
  • You get the idea! Whatever method you use, please remember to keep common internet safety in mind -- not everyone you "meet" online is who they say they are. Don't give out your personal information unless you're comfortable with the entire world seeing it.
  • PS: For searching, it works best if you use a non-Tweety app, since Twitter's search function is nearly entirely useless these days.

Is Craig Ferguson on Facebook or Myspace? There's a guy on the myfacetube who says he's Craig Ferguson. Is it?

NO. I can't stress this enough: 


Craig Ferguson does not use any social 

networking website except Twitter. Craig himself posted about this on 7/20/2010 on his twitter page here:

"There is somebody on myspace pretending to be me. How sad. It's bad enough being the real thing."

That same day, Craig also retweeted a post stating: 

"Craig doesn't have a 'secret' MySpace account so you won't be protecting his privacy by not talking about him being on it...its a fraud."

So please remember, if you're interacting with someone claiming to be Craig Ferguson, and you're anywhere other than Twitter (the @CraigyFerg account, to be specific) , that person is a fraud. Do NOT make arrangements to meet this person for any reason. Just report them, block them, warn others, and move on. If you know someone who thinks they are interacting with Craig Ferguson, please point them to this FAQ, or to Craig's tweet linked above.

And once again, just so it's clear, Craig Ferguson is on Twitter. Period. He does NOT use MySpace, FaceBook, etc., either openly or using a pseudonym. It's a dangerous world out there on the intergooglewebs, Skeletons. Use the common sense you were born with, and don't be duped by charletons and frauds.

Sticky Cares /\

Still don't believe it? Check out his own words in this May 21, 2012 monologue about Facebook:

And here's Craig mentioning again that he doesn't have a facebook page, during a 4/22/2013 interview with Kat Dennings (about 8 1/2 minutes in):

And here's yet another instance of Craig stating that he does NOT have a Facebook account, and never has had one, during the big Facebook Birthday Monologue of 2/4/2014. (Video will be added when available.) Quote: 

"I'm not on Facebook. I've never been on it. There ARE people on Facebook who claim to be me. And to these people, I say: Aim higher." 

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Theme Song

For information about the LLS Theme, please see THIS PAGE.

The MySpace Experiment

Long before Twitter, there was MySpace. Craig did, very briefly, have a MySpace account -- for a whopping six days (active for four), but quickly became turned off by the experience, when "fans" ceaselessly hounded and nagged him for replies, friends/follows, or other attention.

Craig's MySpace page was created around October 25. 2006, (and was gone by November 3, 2006), and was located here:

After six days, Craig made a decision to shut down his MySpace page for good. Luckily, a quick thinking and thoughtful Craig Peep had the foresight to snap up Craig's MySpace account name, preserve his final message for posterity, and prevent imposters from using the account to trick people.

Craig discusses his extremely short-lived MySpace experiment, in this March 7, 2008, interview with Shanna Moakley:

"I had a MySpace page for four days. I did. Four days. What I realized was that the computer world/the internet had become so super-efficient that I could piss off more women in four days using computers than I could with two marriages! They got so mad... SO mad. And you know what they were angry at? They were just angry because I didn't get back [to them]."

 Also, here's Craig talking about Craig Ferguson impostors on MySpace, from October 4, 2006:

What are those blue cards and why did Craig rip them up each night?

The blue cards had "suggested questions" that staff had prepared, in case Craig needed help with the interview. He started ignoring the questions very early on in the show, but first tore one up in this interview with Alec Baldwin from Jan 11, 2008.

Why does Craig call himself TV's Craig Ferguson?

You may have noticed that at the very beginning of each Late Late Show monologue, while the audience is still clapping, Craig (almost) always said: "Welcome to Los Angeles, California. Welcome to the Late Late Show. I am your host, TV's Craig Ferguson." (He continues to use a variation of this on Celebrity Name Game and Join or Die!) Buy why does he call himself "TV's Craig Ferguson?" Are there other Craig Fergusons? 

Well, the answer is YES. Not counting other actual real-live people with the same name, calling himself "TV's Craig Ferguson" differentiates the persona that you see on television from who Craig Ferguson is in the various aspects of his real life. What you see on TV is the exuberant cheeky monkey vaudevillian, whose purpose is to entertain you for an hour (or half-hour, currently). However, that is just one facet of Craig Ferguson. There's also Craig Ferguson the author, Craig Ferguson the actor, Craig Ferguson the musician, Craig Ferguson the humanitarian, Craig Ferguson the philosopher, Craig Ferguson the geek, Craig Ferguson the imperfect human being with the same ups and downs as "regular" people, and Craig Ferguson the private family man. 

What the heck is this Irn Bru stuff Craig has mentioned?

Irn Bru is a Scottish specialty, a carbonated caffeinated soft drink with a vanilla citrus-y kind of taste, that's been around since 1901. Or so they say. Irn Bru is readily available in Scotland, where it is one of the best selling soft drinks. For folks elsewhere, it may be more of a challenge to find. For US dwellers, check out the US Irn Bru manufacturer's website, where you can order online, or look for a distributor near you. The US version differs a bit from the Scotland version, to adhere to FDA regulations.

What is this "Robot Skeleton Army" business?

The "Robot Skeleton Army" (RSA) is the name that Craig initially used to refer to his followers on Twitter (and, really, anyone that watches and enjoys the show). The origins of the RSA concept actually come well before Craig's joining the tweety (and if I could find what's thought to be the first mention of it, I'd link it here), but the most notable mention of it was the day he announced that he had joined the tweety. He said:

"So, tweet me, and you can become my follower! And then -- here's the thing -- when I have enough followers, I will move them all into a hollowed out volcano, where we will train along-side my Robot Skeleton Army."
Craig Ferguson 2/8/10A Late Late Show beginning:

Celebrity Name Game

For information on Celebrity Name Game, click HERE.0

Geoff Peterson, Robot Skeleton Sidekick

For information about Geoff Peterson, Robot Skeleton Sidekick, see THIS PAGE

Puppets Used on TLLS

For information about the puppets used on TLLS, see THIS PAGE

Craig's Snake Mug

Where did Craig get his snake mug?

Craig was given the mug as a gift, from Mary McCormack, when she appeared on the show April 13, 2009. [Playlist]

What's it say on the bottom of his mug?

The label on the bottom of the mug reads, "Censored." (On the June 18, 2009 show, Craig had drawn the snake some "gentleman's equipment" on the bottom, which, of course, you can't show on CBS. [Playlist] Email Segment Only)
*Update: But wait, what does WHAT say??? Since the start of 2012, Craig's snake mug has been genital-free! I knooooow! Is it a brand new mug? Or did somebody just scrub so hard the "equipment" came right off? We may never know...
** Update to the Update: As of 1/17/12, the "Censored" sign is back on the mug. 
*** Update to the update to the update: The "censored" sign has since disappeared completely. However, it does appear that the genitals still exist. Snake Mug has also been given a gold tooth, to replace the broken fang.

Where can I get my very own snake mug?

You can purchase a snake mug from the American International Rattlesnake Museum, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in person, or by visiting their website here:

Snake Mug Assassination

It is with deep sorrow that we report that Craig's original Snake Mug was ASSASSINATED on the evening of February the 5th, 2014. The investigation is ongoing, but based on the evidence at hand, it is believed that Snake Mug was murdered by Geoff Peterson. In the studio. By his own left hand. 

Snake Mug is survived by Guest Mug, Geoff Mug, and several Stunt Mugs. Memorial services were held all across the internets, with many mourners coming forward to share their favourite Snake Mug Moments. *sniff*

Update: On the Feb 8, 2014 show, Geoff Peterson ADMITTED to slaying Snake Mug in a fit of jealous rage. However, no charges will be filed, since Geoff is, after all, a robot.

Also on this show, Craig announced that he now has a replacement mug, which is the same size and is the same style, and which has also been given a gold fang. An attempt was made to repair the shattered Original Mug, but many pieces were not salvageable. *weeps*

Hey, Craig said I should send him sex-ay tweets. Did he really mean it?

Craig says a lot of things! Not all of them true. He's generally as honest as he can be with his audience about things that matter, but he lies his fool head off about things that don't. Because it's more funny that way. And, you know, because that's his job. 

So, no. As a general rule, don't send him (or anyone, really) anything that you wouldn't publicly send any other happily married man, or anything you wouldn't say to his face. Flirty and clever, maybe. Outright filth p0rnography, no.

Remember... anything you send to Craig's twitter account can also be seen by anyone else searching for his twitter name. Also, TLLS staff are the ones who wade through all the tweets sent to him, looking for questions for the show, so as a courtesy to them, please keep it clean. :-)

But wait -- who are YOU to be telling me what I should and shouldn't tweet?? You're right -- I'm a regular person, just like you. You can tweet whatever you want. I'm just sayin'... courtesy and common sense can take you a long way in this world. Oh, and Craig knows how to (and has been known to, frequently) block people (See: StickyProject), so... make whatever bed you choose. 

Craig Ferguson leaves TLLS December 19 2014

Craig announced April 28 that he would be leaving TLLS at the end of the year. Read up on that (as well as all the previous Letterman Speculation) HERE.

Craig's Tattoos

For information about Craig's tattoos, please see THIS PAGE

Some Craigy basics

Is Craig married?


From all accounts, YES.

How many times has he been married? 

Think he'll leave his wife and marry me instead? 
Hell, no.

What were those pictures on Craig's desk?

Family. Reminders of why he does the show, when he's having a bad day.

Will he show us the pictures on his desk? 

Why not? 
Because he's a good dad? They're personal. For his eyes only. Also, "Because one or two of you are crazy." [see 4/20/11 interview with Lena Headey]

I heard Craig and Mrs F were having a baby!

Yes, Craig did announce that in July 2010.

Boy or Girl? When is the baby due? How is Mrs F doing?
None of our business, none of our business, and none of our business.

But Craig owes us--
No. He doesn't. It's his personal life, so it's none of our business.

But he's a celebrity!
Nope. Doesn't matter. HE has a job in the public eye. His family does not. 

Then he shouldn't have announced it on tele--
Nope. Still none of our business.

Okay, but will he tell us when the baby arrives??
Maybe. Maybe not. If he wishes to share this information, that's wonderful. We'd all love to share in their joy. But if he chooses not to announce anything at all, or to only give the sparsest of details, that's his decision. His family, his privacy, his choice. Please respect his decisions, and his family's right to privacy.

I saw on the internets that the baby has arrived!
Yes, that's true. Craig also graciously shared his news herehere and here.

How many kids does Craig have?


What are their names?
The names of his children are publicly known, but you won't find them here. They are minors, and are not public figures, and their privacy is a top priority.

Will Craig show us any pictures of his kids??

Doubtful. As mentioned, his family's privacy is very important to him. He has generously shared a photo of a baby foot (see links above), but do not expect and do not ask for anything more than that.

Where does Craig live?

NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I repeat: NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Craig's private life is PRIVATE. Craig is more open with his audience than nearly every other celebrity. How much more do you want? Tweeting about his home is a huge no-no, as it's an invasion of his privacy, and can potentially put him or his family in danger. DON'T DO IT.

Why won't Craig [talk about his family / discuss his private life]?

Because it's PERSONAL and PRIVATE. Craig values his privacy. If he wants to share -- and occasionally he does -- he will. But don't hold your breath waiting, and don't beg to see. Just pay attention, if you're interested, and be grateful for the honor. Otherwise... you know... don't be so nosey. 

Was Craig drunk on the show?

No! WTF, man? Because he often exhibits an exuberant energy on stage or on camera does not mean he's been tipping back the sauce. What you see there is just a guy enjoying life and still being amazed every day at how things have turned out. Or, as Craig has stated, "This is just good living and a clear conscience." (And possibly a few too many coffees.) To automatically jump to "OMG Drunk!" tells me that YOU are the one who has a problem. (And if you tagged him with this asinine question on the Twitter, that tells me you're also an ignorant, inconsiderate jackass.) Craig has been sober since 18 February 1992. His alcoholism and sobriety is something he's talked about publicly... often! For your edification, try reading his memoir, American on Purpose. Or watch this, one of his most talked about monologues: "Ferguson Speaks From The Heart"    

Who are you? How do you know all this stuff? Who made YOU the "expert" on Craig??

I'm just a regular person. I am certainly no "expert" on Craig. This is a man who is full of mystery, and I don't think there is any one person -- Craig included -- who can claim to be a Craig "expert." I make no such claims here. All of the information I've put here is readily available by reading his memoir, or by simply observing Craig on his show, or when he's a guest on someone else's show, and actually *listening* to what he's saying. (And sometimes what he's NOT saying. Silence speaks volumes.). Oh, and with a heavy dose of common sense and human decency thrown in.

Incidental and Bumper Music

Occasionally on TLLS, they'll whip out some new piece of music to go with a particular joke or mood, or just to dance to. Most all of these pieces are "library music" (stuff they can get super cheap), and can be found out on the interwebs SOMEWHERE. Here is a list of the tunes I have been able to find so far. If you have any to add, please feel free to contact ME!

Links of interest