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In 2018 there are 15 local history groups on the Brisbane Southside, identified by the 15 key suburbs marked on the aerial maps.

Districts own their own histories, but the residents of Brisbane share in them, and our local histories are adjoined in the City’s past.

The City also had its own regional perspectives, East, West, North, and South with further geographic nuances.

Join us for a conversation on what has been happening in the histories across the Brisbane Southside.

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The 2019 ‘Places Now and Then’ Program is on-track.

We would like to attract local residents to the Coopers Plains Local History Group Inc. through thematic gatherings relating residents’ current experiences to local history.

The program are five events on the first Saturday of the particular month (February, April, June, August, October), from 1.00 to 3.00 p.m.

Places you build Bridges Now and Then,

2 February 2019

To Be Confirm, planning for ‘Reload Espresso Bar’, 9 Chrome Street, Salisbury.

Places you grow Food Now and Then

6 April 2019

To Be Confirm, planning for ‘Banoon Community Gardens’, Coopers Plains.

Places you Learn Now and Then

1 June 2019

To Be Confirm, planning for Acacia Ridge State School, Nyngam Street, Acacia Ridge.

Places you Travel Now and Then

3 August 2019

To Be Confirm, planning for Acacia Ridge Hotel, 1386 Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge.

Places you Gather Now and Then

5 October 2019

To Be Confirm, planning for St. David's Neighbourhood Centre, 68 Orange Grove Rd, Coopers Plains.

Plans are underway for Structure of 2019 ‘Places Now and Then’ Program events:

• Lightening Talks: Four slots at most, providing community history representation.

• Community Displays: Invitation to community organisations to set-up display of their organisational connection to the local historical theme.

• Take-Home History Booklet: A small booklet of up to 500 words with up to 12 images, overviewing the local historical.

• Hands-On Activities: Exploring options on short tour walks or small bus tours, community gardening, vintage vehicles displays.

If you wish to participate or assist in organising the 2019 ‘Places Now and Then’ Program, please contact Neville.

The members of the Coopers Plains Local History Group are dedicated to the production, preservation, and celebration of the histories that forms the local identity of the Coopers Plains region.

The general history of Coopers Plains takes up a large part of the south-central area of the Brisbane metropolis. The early convict outstation & rural community was one of the first non-indigenous settlements in the Moreton Bay province, along with Redcliffe, Edenglassie or the town of Brisbane as it became, and Nundah.

The Coopers Plains Local History Group gathers & archives:

We research & publish history for the southern Brisbane suburbs of:

  • Acacia Ridge
  • Archerfield
  • Coopers Plains
  • Macgregor
  • Nathan Heights
  • Robertson
  • Rocklea
  • Salisbury