Foreskin Problems

Yes the foreskin, like any other body part, can have problems occur with it. Does this justify routinely cutting it off of non-consenting people? Should we do appendectomies on babies since a small percentage of them will someday develop appendicitis? Hopefully you have learned from my previous page, that the foreskin does useful things and is worth having.

If you are receiving medical care for yourself or your child in the United States you should be aware that many American doctors(who often don't even have their own foreskins) are not familiar with the proper care and treatment of foreskin. In fact it is sadly common for them to give improper advice that actually makes the foreskin more vulnerable to having problems. In cases where their poor advice caused the problem or if the problem developed independently of them, they often will recommend circumcision when a non-amputative treatment would have worked just fine, so it is up to you to be fully informed of alternative treatments.

And ultimately in the end if you do decide to have your foreskin cut off, then that is your choice to make for your penis and I support that. I only oppose forcing circumcision on healthy babies and children(and adults as well but it is rare for an adult to be forcibly circumcised except in Africa where there are a couple cases every year).

Here are some links that should prove helpful. If however your problem is not covered here then write to me here and I will try to help.

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