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"We shall have to learn to refrain from doing things merely because we know how to do them." --Theodore Fox, Speech to College Physicians

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Introductory Overviews
For Mothers and Fathers
Foreskin Care
Foreskin Functions
Learn where cut-off foreskin goes
Medical History
Female Circumcision
Intersex Genital Mutilation
Christianity and Circumcision
Parents and Men's Experiences
STDs, Cancer, and UTIs
Excellent Informative Websites
Activist Resources

Introductory Overviews

Dr Sears advises about deciding to circumcise or not:

Pros, Cons and Truth of Routine Infant Circumcision:

Conversational-Style Infant Circumcision Overview:

What exactly is circumcision and what is it not?:

Isn't circumcision just a little snip? and other FAQs:

10 Most Common Circumcision Myths:

11 Reasons to Put Down the Knife:

12 Reasons to Say No:

HipChick, Is it Really Necessary?:

A mother answers common circumcision concerns:

La Decisión de la Circuncisión Infantil:

What is lost due to circumcision?:

An excellent comprehensive overview with pictures:

Comprehensive Video Collection including parental, personal, religious and medical perspectives :

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For Mothers and Fathers

Expectant Father Researches Circumcision for His Son:

An expectant mother researches circumcision for her blog:

Congratulations, you are having a boy:-), now what?:

An Appeal to Cut Fathers:

How to talk to your pro-cutting husband:

What I learned While Pregnant Shocked Me:

How to properly care for your uncut baby(It's easy!):

Protecting your intact Son from Medical Personnel:

This signable legal form helps prevent Doctors doing circumcisions without permission:

This signable legal form helps dispel the ignorance medical professionals have about foreskin:

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Care for Foreskin

Safeguarding Your Intact Boy:

Care for the Intact Child:

Reversing the epidemic of forcible retractions:

Caring for your Uncircumcised Son:

FAQs about the Proper Care of an Uncut Boy:

Information Sheet for Intact Children:

Raising Intact Sons:

Patient-Friendly Alternatives to Circumcision

Conservative Treatment for Phimosis

Help for Tight Foreskins

Treatment For Foreskin Conditions

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Foreskin Functions

Functions of Foreskin:

Thorough Foreskin Curriculum:

What does foreskin do?

Note: The following 5 links contain pictures of foreskin.

Contrast and compare pictures of cut and uncut penises:

What is the Anatomy of An Intact Penis:

Anatomy and Functions of the Foreskin:

Three Zones of Penile Skin:

Functions/Mobility of Real Foreskin:

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Where Cut-Off Foreskin Goes

Face Cream's secret ingredient:

Harvesting Foreskins for commercial use:

Fortunes from Foreskins:

Human Foreskins are Big Business for Cosmetics:

Foreskins for Sale:

Where do all the foreskins go?:

Note: The following  links are just tidbits for you to check out to see that yes this is really going on.

"Dr. Wexler told us the factors[in the cream that Oprah uses] are engineered from human foreskin!":

Abstract of a research paper on using foreskins "...fibroblast cultures are established from freshly harvested neonatal foreskin tissue":

Near the bottom of the page - "Injectable collagen[for lip plumping] derived from newborn foreskin":

Buy your own culture of Epidermal keratinocytes derived from neonatal foreskins:

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Medical History

Why Americans Started in Physicians Own Words:

History of Circumcision in the United States of America:

Foreskin Omitted from Medical Texts:

Circumcision as it Originally Was:

Was the Milah or Periah circumcision type done to you?:

A doctor summarizes circumcision's modern history:

Medicalization of Circumcision Slideshow:

Circumcision Advocacy - have they met the burden of proof?:

The Medical Transformation of Circumcision in America:

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Female Circumcision

America's Forgotten History of Female Circumcision:

An FGM researcher compares MGM cultural justifications:

Clitoral Hood Circumcision in Indonesia[Note: This is important to be aware of since the clitoral hood is the female analogue of the foreskin] :

Our Own Cultural Myopia?

Differences in Media Coverage - A Case Study:

Human Genital Mutilation Classification Chart:

Common Denominators between Male and Female 'Circumcision':

Underlying Justifications in the US and Africa:

Side-by-side Comparison of official AAP positions:

Contrast and compare FGM and MGM:

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Intersexuals Fight Back:

The Tyranny of the Aesthetic - Surgical Violations:

First Do No Harm:

A mainstream news article calls for an end non-consential surgical intervention:

Sex Police:

Making the Cut:

Learn about the academic fraud at the heart of Doctor's rationalizations:

An academic analysis of the current situation to date:

Intersex Society of North America:

Christianity and Circumcision

Circumcision and the Christian Parent:

Is circumcision a requirement for salvation for Christian males?:

The Holy Bible, Circumcision, False Prophets and Christian Parents:

What the Bible Really Says About Circumcision:

Christian Parents and Infant Circumcision:

Catholics Opposing Infant Circumcision:

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Parents and Men's Experiences

Fighting Adult Peer Pressure:

Foreskin or Against it?:

The First Cut is the Deepest:

Protecting Our Boys from Knives:

The Silent Knife: Why isn't circumcision a men's issue?:

How did it become routine in America?:

A Letter from Father to Son:

If someone cut off a useful part of your genitalia, how would you feel?:

Peoples feelings and experiences with infant circumcision:

Quotes from Doctors, Men, Nurses, and Mothers:

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STDs, Cancer, and UTIs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs):

Penile Cancer and Cervical Cancer:

Urinary Tract Infections(UTIs):

Balanitis (inflammation of the glans):

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Male Circumcision and the HIV/AIDS Myth:

Referenced Analytic Summary:

"Newborns are not sexually active and, therefore, not at risk for sexually contracted diseases.":

Study finds Circumcised Women have lower HIV Infection:

Male Circumcision and HIV Blog:

FAQs on Circumcision and AIDS:

Studies Overview with Analysis:

Harms Outweigh 'Benefits':

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Excellent Informative Websites

Intact America:

How Victorian prudishness affects us today:

We are not just skin:

Wiki on what motivates some:

Keeping your whole baby:

As Nature Intended(Also in Spanish):

The Hidden Trauma:

Babies are born perfect:

End Routine Infant Circumcision:

Doctors Opposing Circumcision:

Circumcision plus Superstition:

Circumcision Information Resource Pages:

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers:

National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males:

Mothers Against Circumcision:

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Activist Links

Free Legal Support for those who have been forcibly genitally-reduced:

Proposed Congressional Bill to protect against forced genital-reductions:

Pamphlets to print and hand out:

Intactivist shirts, buttons, magnets etc:

Stop the Government from automatically paying for infant genital-reductions:

Intactivist Internet Support Groups:

College Campus Student Groups:

Petitions to sign:

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How to Become a Real Man:

The Case for Labectomy:

An Interview with Dr Quack:

Involuntary Ritual Amputation Among the Nacirema People:

The Best Method of Circumcision:

Mastectomies Improve Women's Health:

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