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Senate Bill 094

Note: Oct. 2, 2015
Lobbyists under contract to the Colorado Community College System administration (JLH Consulting & Public Affairs, LLC and the Capstone Group, LLC) were paid $69,579 to oppose SB 15-094 according to the Colorado Secretary of State's office. To help defeat a similar equal-pay-for-equal-work bill the year earlier (HB14-1154) the same lobbyists were paid by the CCCS administration $62,497.

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce and the Metro North Chamber of Commerce also paid their lobbyists to help CCCS administration defeat SB 15-094. The Colorado Secretary of State lists which entities opposed, supported and monitored our 2015 legislative effort.

The 2015 CCCS Adjunct Index reveals further detail about why and how SB 15-094 was defeated by the CCCS administration.

Academe Blog published an article on the process of creating an adjunct index. Think outside the box and publish an index

Colorado SB 15-094
, a bill to end the two-tier faculty design within Colorado's community colleges, was defeated in its hearing Monday, Jan. 26,  before the Senate State, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Nevertheless, we are so very grateful for the sincerity and integrity of Sen. John Kefalas, who championed our cause. Although our signal for help was flagged down, we remain unflagging in our mission of justice.

Read the news distributed nationally across the Adjunct List-Serv:
Defeat of SB 15 094 by Don Eron, Member, Executive Committee, AAUP Colorado Conference

Listen to Sen. Kefalas' presentation of the bill, the formal arguments for it, testimony provided by witnesses and lawmakers' comments:  Audio recording of SB 15-094 before the Senate State, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

Read some of the testimony provided by adjunct faculty and supporters during the hearing.

Read the letter of support by AAUP Colo.Conf. Co-President Stephen Mumme sent to the senators on the committee

Read the article "Community colleges need a new business plan" by Stephen Mumme, AAUP Colo. Conf. Co-President.

Read a letter of support for the bill from an instructor who could not attend the hearing.

Official description and role of the Senate State, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.*
Committee members:
Ray Scott, R-7, Chair
Jerry Sonnenberg, R-65, Vice-Chair
Owen Hill, R-10
Matt Jones, D-17
Jessie Ulibarri, D-21

* Questions remain why a bill concerning higher education policy was heard by this committee instead of the Education Committee.
SB 15-094 aimed to end two-tier faculty design in Colorado's Community College System
Read the bill: SB 15-094

Read Bill Amendments 001002 and 003

Read the SB 15-094 Fact Sheet prepared for us by AFT Colorado.

White Paper by Suzanne Hudson, AAUP Colorado Conf. Executive Committee:
Proposal for a United Faculty in the Colorado's Community Colleges

Nov. 2014 AAUP Survey of CCCS Adjunct Faculty
Survey Results and Summary of Results

Sen. Kefalas discusses SB 15-094 with scores of CCCS full- and part-time instructors, AAUP and AFT officials at the Snowflake Summit, held Jan. 14 at the Denver Press Club.

Senator John Kefalas, sponsor

Representative Joe Salazar, co-sponsor

        Senate Bill 15-094: Concerning employment of community college faculty, and, in connection therewith, promoting excellence within community colleges by improving the working conditions, compensation, and benefits of faculty