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CCCS Salary and Wage Information

2016 annual salaries CCCS presidents, vice-presidents (AAUP 2017 CORA Request)

What are the 2016 annual salaries of the 13 CCCS college presidents, the CCCS System president and the 48 CCCS vice presidents?

CCCS Pres. Nancy McCallin: now at $375K (up from $291K in 2012) now $7,211/week

FRCC Pres. Andy Dorsey: now at $209K (up from $161K in 2012) now $4,019/week

CCCS presidents also qualify for 15% bonuses each year, per SBCCOE policy. 

NOTE: By comparison, Gov. John Hickenlooper now earns $90K/year or $1,730/week

See spreadsheet released April 2016 by the CCCS, per our request.

What can campus employees purchase this winter with their 2016 raises?

Full-time Faculty ($188/week increase)

Full-time Admin. Assistants ($28/week increase)

Adjunct faculty teaching approx. 75% of all courses ($4.80/week increase)

 A Snow Blower

A Snow Shovel

A Snow Scraper

Who earns what in Colorado’s Community College System?

CCCS President Nancy McCallin: $294K+ with benefits – (2012 figure; likely higher in 2015) - three times the salary of Colo. Gov. John Hickenlooper ($98K/year + benefits). (Source listed below)*

CCCS 13 College Presidents:  Average salary, each - $152K+ with benefits (2012 figure; likely higher in 2015) – far more than the salary of Gov. Hickenlooper. (Source listed below)*

CCCS full-time faculty (25% of faculty, approx.1,200 employees): Average salary $69K with benefits (Recent 20% pay raise got them a $188/week increase).(Source listed below)*

CCCS full-time admin. assistants, coordinators, etc; approx. 1,800 employees: Average salary $48K/year with benefits (Recent 3% pay raise got them a $28/week increase). (Source listed below)*

CCCS adjunct faculty (75% of faculty, approx. 4,600 employees, half of total CCCS workforce): Paid average of $2,400/per course, no benefits (Recent 3% pay raise got them a $4.80/week increase). (Source listed below)*

          Adjunct faculty teach 60% to 80% of all the courses in the community colleges. Most of these hard-working, dedicated teachers qualify for taxpayer-subsidized housing, food stamps, food-bank use, utility bill assistance and deeply discounted health-care coverage. We need to address the psychological violence imposed by this bullying workplace culture. We are losing great teachers in the Colorado Community College System, even while it has more than $250 million in reserves and takes in $20 million more per year more than it spends.

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Administrative Assistants, Coordinators, etc. salaries:
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Full-time salaries and Adjunct Faculty wages:
Dorsey, Andy. “Instructor Pay Update.” E-mail to FRCC adjunct faculty. June 14,

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Adjuncts use microscope to see recent pay raise
CCCS adjunct faculty who attended the AAUP Colorado Conference Annual Meeting on Dec. 5 used a microscope to look for the 3% pay increase the State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education recently approved. The 4,600 adjuncts are 75% of the CCCS faculty and are paid poverty-level wages. The increase raises their wage an average of $4.80/week -- enough for each of them to buy a few gallons of gas. Meanwhile, the board gave its 1,230 full-time faculty a 20% increase, raising their pay an average of $188/week, enough for each of them to buy a new car.

 More salary and wage information:

May 2016: Current CCCS Salaries of Presidents and Vice Presidents (Vice-president count: 48)
                   2012 CCCS Salaries, by comparison, showing raises of up to $80K


2015 CCCS Faculty Salary Plan Update (20-page report, no mention of adjunct faculty)

CCCS Adjunct Task Force Report Nov 2014 (one month later all recommendations watered down and pay increase struck down)

CCCS Salary Comparisons 2012-2013
CCCS Salary and Wage Information 2009-2010

Useful facts:
FRCC Tiered pay, English Department, Spring 2016:
New adjunct: $760/credit hour.Top tier, no matter the years of service: $846/credit
     hour, or $2,538/per class.
Adjuncts receive no health care benefit.
Adjunct course loads have been cut so the FRCC can skirt the Affordable Care Act.
The recent 3% raise brought, on average, $4.80/week to adjunct faculty.
The recent 20% raise to full-time faculty has given them a $188/week pay raise.
Less than a year ago the CCCS Adjunct Task Force recommended a 28% pay increase
      to adjunct faculty.
Two weeks before the Spring semester 2016 is to begin, there are 79 postings on the
       FRCC website for adjunct faculty.
Across the entire Colorado Community College System, adjuncts (who teach 60-80% of
       all courses) earn an average of $1,834 per course — $4,010 below the national
       annual average
Adjunct faculty is 75% of the total CCCS faculty and, at 4,600+, comprise half the CCCS
Half the CCCS workforce is earning below-poverty level wages.
The living wage for Jefferson County, Colorado, single adult, no children: $30,212.