The Adjunct Cookbook

The Adjunct Cookbook is already making a stir!

48 pages of foodbank-friendly concoctions including:


Nobucks Coffee Drinks

The Frappes of Wrath

Sliding-Toward-Despair  Sliders

I Wish Stew

Apple Pie and Pie Chart

High-fat, low-fat and no-fat salary breakdowns

Handy ingredient substitutions for adjuncts

Statistics, commentary on the

academic labor movement

Local food-bank listings and other resources*



$10.00 includes shipping & handling, continental U.S.
Your $10.00 donation helps us cook up change for 4,400 faculty majority left-outs living on CCCS leftovers.
     *Poverty-level wages the CCCS pays adjunct faculty qualifies most of them for food stamps, food banks, Medicaid, etc.                                           
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