October 2018: Academic Labor,  Research & Artistry: "Instructor Impermanence and the Need for Community College Adjunct Faculty Reform in Colorado, by Steve Mumme, Co-Pres., AAUP Colorado Conference.  -- Breakthrough research questions integrity of CCCS GT-Pathways programs without immediate reform of adjunct faculty working conditions. 

A big salute to FRCC AAUP Chapter President Melinda Myrick, who represented our chapters so well in the 2018 AAUP Summer Institute at the Univ. of New Hampshire this month. She co-presented in two sessions: "Defending Adjuncts" and "Guerrilla Marketing for Organizers." 

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In his three-hour, "Defending Adjuncts" workshop (one of the larger sessions at the AAUP Summer Institute last weekend) Don Eron showed full-time faculty the steps to follow, and dozens of case studies the Colorado Conference has influenced with these steps. The steps apply AAUP Redbook principles that defend academic freedom and restore professional dignity for adjunct faculty, specifically, many of whom work with little or no contractual protections. Everyone walked away with Don's 60-page toolbox of real-life examples and steps to follow. It was three hours of AAUPow! Don serves on the Colo. Conf. Exec. Committee, and has just completed a multi-year term on AAUP's fierce Committee A.

June 2018:

May 2018:
Artist Chuck Parson and scriptwriter Suzanne Hudson have been working on the first of a series of AAUP of CCCS Adjunct Faculty You Tube videos. Here is a snapshot from their most recent meeting, held in Arvada. The AAUP Colo. Conference video team will be filming the series throughout the summer in historic Georgetown, Colorado. In July they will be filming a script written by Marki LeCompte. 

May, 2018: 
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Thank you to Rep. Jeni Arndt (D-53), who asked for a summer legislative task force to look at non-tenure track faculty pay and working conditions in the Colorado Community College System. She did so on April 26, the day K12 teachers from metro-area school districts were protesting on the steps of the Colorado 
Capitol their own pay and working conditions. Her request failed, along party lines. She intends to keep helping us. We are hoping for more dialogue and a better chance at some much-needed change for the CCCS faculty majority in the 2019 Session of the General Assembly. National and local attention is focused on teachers now more so than ever before, and in August, former Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia will become the new CCCS President.

April, 2018:
October, 2017: Campus Equity Week 2017: Tailgate party, Vitamin AAUP, Operation Pumpkin, etc. (see photos).
September, 2017: The Guardian (int'l coverage, with CCCS adjunct faculty)
September 2017: Daily Kos  (int'l coverage, with link to our Adjunct Cookbook)
September 2017: The Alternet (more int'l coverage, more on Adjunct Cookbook)
September 2017: Jezebel (more int'l coverage, with CCCS adjunct faculty)
Aug. 2017: Westword
Philosophy instructor Nate Bork was fired from his job at the Community College of Aurora four weeks into the fall semester — and just days after he’d informed administrators of his concerns about whether a mandated class redesign was lowering academic standards.
Photo of Nate Bork, courtesy Anthony Camera, Westword

June 2017: The Adjunct Coloring Book - Buy your copy today!
                    Solution for Workplace Questions Crossword Puzzle
February, 2016:Our Response to the CCCS Adjunct Task Force Recommendation

Don Eron, AAUP Committee A, explains faculty rights, Mini-Innie, July 2015.

Hank Reichman, AAUP VP, at Mini-Innie, July, 2015.

Adjunct uses a microscope to find 3% ($4.80/week) CCCS pay raise for 4,600 adjuncts, Dec. 2015.

Community College of Denver, Adjunct Survival Workshop, Oct. 2015.
Red Rocks Chapter, Campus Equity Week, Oct. 2014.

Howard Bunsis gives his analysis of CCCS finances, Mini-Innie, 2015.
The morning session was held at the Bittersweet Cafe, Mini-Innie, 2015.

Selling copies of "The Adjunct Cookbook," nice and NAWD-ey, Feb. 2015.
Fall 2015: Adjunct Survival Workshops on two CCCS campuses to connect adjunct faculty with our city, county, and state contacts for food, housing, and utility bill help, low-cost health-care coverage and PERA retirement planning. (For details, see "Events" listing at left.)
Fall 2015: Campus Equity Week: Watch Professors in Poverty (features local AAUP members)
Summer 2015: The Mini-Innie delivered maximum results for metro-area community college faculty organizers. (For details, see "Events" listing at left.)
Spring 2015: Rocky Mountain PBS investigates abysmal working conditions of half of the CCCS workforce: its 4,000+ adjuncts
Television broadcast: Rocky Mountain PBS
Ft. Collins Coloradoan (front page story):
Colo. community colleges lean on low-paid adjuncts

Feb. 2015: National Adjunct Walkout Day (see more in "Events" tab at left).
Auraria Campus Adjuncts Speak Out:

Auraria Campus Adjunct Speak Out

2015 will be our best year yet!

Photos from Campus Equity Weeks, 2012- 2014