Finding Source Code on the Web for Remix and Reuse
An edited book by: Susan Elliott Sim and Rosalva Gallardo-Valencia

Welcome to the site that we are using to organize the book "Finding Source Code on the Web for Remix and Reuse." In editing this book, our goals were to draw attention to a growing body of work on the topic that is spread across multiple disciplines and to strengthen the community of researchers working on code retrieval on the web. Consequently, we are using a collaborative web site to put together the book. Here, authors can post their chapters and others can share comments, thereby improving the work.

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The last chapter in the book will be the winner of a short story contest on what programming and the future would look like if code retrieval were taken to its logical conclusion. Vernor Vinge's novels "Deepness in the Sky" and "Fire Upon the Deep" both provide glimpses into the programmer archaeologists of the future, in which knowing the contents of the archives is just as important as the ability to put these parts together.

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This site was previously used to organize a Reading Group on Code Retrieval on the Web during the Spring Quarter of 2009. The material is still available on these pages.