CTCYO Weather Hotline 

The CYO Track & Field Advisory Board Hotline has adopted a new rapid-response text message application called GroupMe.  If you would like to be invited to join the group, please contact the Coordinator of your Track & Field Team.  He or she has subscribed to the GroupMe and will be happy to add you.

The text messages you receive will address situations specific to thunder, lightning, and other dangerous weather conditions that may suspend or cancel a CTCYO Track & Field Meet. 

Below is a new section where we are prototyping a new way to provide you with weather alerts and other kinds of alerts, such as cancellations, carpooling info, etc. You'll be able to see how new the alert is by looking at the "LAST MODIFIED" column below. We are not ready to launch this service yet, we are currently developing and testing. More information will follow in the future.