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This area of our site enables coaches, athletes, and parents to send comments, questions, and feedback to the Cincinnati Track CYO Advisory Board.

Name Affiliation Phone Email Address

Jim Waters           President/Secretary St. Ignatius 513-598-8616 (Home)           513-362-8142 (Office)          513-236-5296 (Mobile)
Jim Schreyer               Treasurer Our Lady of Grace 513-681-7547 (Home)
513-241-1230 (Office)            513-545-4896 (Mobile)
Beth Brink Royalmont Academy 513-759-4797 (Home)          513-470-3429 (Mobile)
Joe Coors CYO Scorekeeping Team 513-908-3297 (Mobile)
Tracy Feightner


Shellie Hageman
Mariemont Track Club

Oak Hills High School
513-507-9357 (Mobile)

513-258-3255 (Mobile)

Mark Holly

Mount Notre Dame High School

513-583-5313 (Home)
513-719-4181 (Office)           513-470-3567 (Mobile)
Tony Martin Immaculate Heart of Mary  513-947-9339 (Home)             513-646-4396 (Mobile)
Phil McDonald SMAC Running Club 513-677-5524 (Home)           513-745-1133 (Office)            513-919-6082 (Mobile)

Sam Ricketts                Mars Hill Academy        513-808-5593 (Mobile)
Kate Romanello-Jones

Our Lady of Grace 513-746-9920 (Mobile)
Greg Stamper Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School 513-779-3681 (Home)           513-907-1105 (Mobile)

Jill Huff Sacred Heart 513-317-5877 (Mobile)  
Brian Miller                  Northwest High School          513-335-9555 (Mobile)    

Scott Dalton                Bishop Fenwick High School   513-836-0698 (Mobile)          

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