This area of our site focuses on historical results of CYO City Championship Track & Field Meets. Thanks to the excellent recordkeeping and statistical skills of our former Commissioner, Jim Kalla, we have electronic results dating back to 2002. The League would also like to acknowledge Carol Giordano, former CYO City Meet Director, for providing results from the 1992-1995 seasons. A newspaper article from 1971 also furnishes limited results of the CYO City Meets in 1966 and 1971. The League (as we know it today) held its inaugural meet in 1965 at Roger Bacon Stadium.

However, there is evidence of large Parochial Grade School Track and Field Meets taking place as early as 1920. A newspaper article (below) from 1921 makes reference to the "Second Annual Track Meet of Parochial Schools" which was held on May 28, 1921 at Avon Field. It is odd to see events such as "Circling the Bases" and "Baseball Distance Throw" for 7th and 8th grade athletes. The sports writers of the day also mention Junior and Senior events. We can only assume that they were referring to 7th Grade (Junior) and 8th Grade (Senior) events.