Voter Clubs

Christian Voter Clubs

Our Vision for Christian Voter Clubs

The first step to building is to introduce the vision, principles and program of the Party to thousands of Americans by hosting introductory meetings across the land. Here individuals and families take the first step by becoming subscribing members of the CLP. Interested persons are also encouraged to join Christian Voter Clubs. These may be unofficial organizations consisting of two or more persons who may or may not be CLP members, or chartered Christian Voter Clubs consisting of three or more CLP members. (A chartered Christian Voter Club may be established when at least three members in a local area apply to the National Party for a charter.) Here in the Christian voter clubs, educational video classes and service opportunities train members in America’s Christian history and her Biblical principles of self and civil government. Here also, members work together to prepare themselves for leadership opportunities, mastering various scholarship levels that qualify them as candidates for party leadership posts or for local, state or federal offices. The chartered Christian Voter Clubs are the center of party life and activity and the stepping-stone to the formation of state and county parties.

Our Governing Provision for Chartering CLP Voter Clubs

Local CLP Voter Clubs are authorized and governed by the CLP Bylaws:


Section 9.1: Formation and Operation

Christian Voter Clubs may be chartered by the National Party. Such clubs shall have at all times a minimum of three CLP members, and shall submit an annual report to the National, State or County Party at the lowest level applicable.

Section 9.2: Purpose

The purpose of the Christian Voter Clubs shall be:

    • to introduce individuals and families to the Party Vision;

    • to enlist new Party members;

    • to train and educate members and friends in the Party Principles, Platform and Program; and

    • to mobilize Party members to civic and political action.

Section 9.3: Membership

Any CLP member may join a local Christian Voter Club. There shall be no dues for Christian Voter Club membership and all financial needs shall be handled through the County, State or National Party treasury.

Section 9.4: Organization

Christian Voter Clubs shall elect a club leader who shall call all meetings. The chartered Christian Voter Club leader shall have the right to make and debate motions at County Committee meetings, but not to vote at such meetings unless he is otherwise a member.

Application to be a Chartered Christian Voter Club (42k, an Adobe AcrobatTM Portable Document Format file).

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