How to Start a State Party

You could start a CLP state party as follows:

The CLP bylaws state:

Christian Liberty Party members in a state with no constituent State Party may apply to the National Office to form a constituent State Party when five CLP members in the state qualify for State Party leadership. Upon receipt of such application, the National Chairman, or his representative, shall appoint a coordinator for the state Forming Committee selected from those members who have qualified for State Party office.

1. Become a member of the CLP. View the application form at:

Membership is annual and involves a small cost and signed statement.

See bylaws regarding membership at:

In particular, "Applications for membership submitted on November 1st or later in any year shall be for the following year, but membership benefits shall begin upon receipt of a qualified application."

2. Recruit at least 4 likeminded Christian friends to become members. This may help:

3. You need 5 CLP members to become qualified for State Party Leadership. See the application form:

Two requirements take some time and effort:

Section 7.1: General Requirements

"He presents references by a pastor or church leader, and two other references."

We have a form for this purpose at the same web page.

Section 7.4: Scholastic Qualifications

We have materials to study and exams to pass. Our eventual plan is explained here:

Currently we have only two exams ready to give, so by passing these two exams a person can currently qualify for party leadership at any level. You need 5 CLP members to pass exams for:

* Party Level 1

* Principles Level 1

To study for these, watch the videos online (4 for Party; 7 for Principles).

Apply to take the exam(s); see Application for Examination at:

Note that there is a $3 cost per exam to cover printing and postage costs. Tests can be retaken if necessary, with a different set of questions for the same subject matter.

After passing the tests, submit the application for party leadership, and have your references submit those also.

Upon confirmation of 5 members qualifying for state party leadership, submit the Application To Form A State Party, also at:

As soon as the presumed leader qualifies to be a state party leader, the national chairman could appoint him to be the "state coordinator" and provide him with the State Party Kit, which assists with the remainder of the process, which includes holding an organizing convention and adopting bylaws and electing officers.

Let me know if I can assist you further.

Paul McClintock


Christian Liberty Party