Scholastic Qualification Requirements

Scholastic qualifications are met by passing official exams in the Studies in Christian Statesmanship (SCS) program. The following table indicates which parts of the SCS program must be mastered by aspirants to various leadership positions. The SCS video lectures are now (partially) viewable online for free.

As an aspiring office-holder, apply for the exam(s) relevant to the position you’re seeking, study the materials, arrange for a monitor, take the exams, and the monitor will submit them to the national office for grading. Within four weeks of receipt of your exam(s) the national office will send a pass-fail report to you and to the relevant Qualifications Committee. The Code column, below, indicates the Committee (National, State, or County) which governs the qualification process for the office you are seeking.  If the designated Committee does not exist for an applicant, the next higher level Committee that does exist will do this work.

Your approval as a candidate for a leadership position is based on the scholastic exam(s) along with the General Requirements and Qualifications outlined in the CLP Constitution, Article VII.

 OfficesCodePartyPrincipleLeadershipPublic Service
 State ContactNLevel 1   
 Voter Club Leader
NLevel 1 Level 1  
 State Coordinator
NLevel 1 Level 1  
 County Leader
CLevel 1 Level 1Level 1
 State Leader
SLevels 1,2 Levels 1,2Levels 1,2 
 National Leader
NLevels 1,2Levels 1,2
Levels 1,2 
 Nominees for Local Public Office
CLevels 1,2Levels 1,2
Levels 1,2
Levels 1,2
 Nominees for State Public Office
SLevels 1,2
Levels 1,2,3 Levels 1,2,3Levels 1,2,3
 Nominees for National Public Office
Levels 1,2Levels 1,2,3,4
Levels 1,2,3,4
Levels 1,2,3,4

Recommended Study Materials

For the First Two SCS Exams

(Link to online videos)



  • Printed Materials:
Flyer, Distinctives of the CLP, Publication 1202
CLP National Constitution, 1071 & CLP National Bylaws, 1075
Booklet, Comprehensive Vision 1212B
Booklet, Our Principles, 1074
Card, Membership Application (the subscription on the back), Form 103
Distinctives of the CLP, 1211A or 1211V (This lecture supplements Pub. 1202)
Organization and Structure of the CLP, 1214A or 1214V (supplements 1071 & 1075)
CLP Voter Clubs, 1215A or 1215V