Videos List

Level - 1, 2, 3, 4

Field - Studies in 1-Principle, 2-Party, 3-Leadership, 4-Public Service

Subject - varies (e.g., Principle: 1-Worldview, 2-Law, 3-Citizenship, 4-Apologetics, 5-Government, 6-History, 7-Nations)

Item# (Level Field Subject Lecture) Title Speaker

1101 Introduction to Levels 1 & 2, Overview & Faculty Introductions

1111 [Worldview] What is a Worldview? R. C. Sproul Jr.

1121 [Law] The Bible: Law Book for the Nations, Herbert W. Titus

1131 [Citizenship] Raising Godly Citizens, Daniel Eby

1141 [Apologetics] Public Witness & Christian Apologetics, Christopher Strevel

1151 [Government] Thinking Governmentally, James Rose

1161 [History] The Providential Drama of History, Marshall Foster

1171 [Nations] God’s Sovereignty Over the Nations, Stephen McDowell

1211 The Distinctives of the CLP, Eby and Blackman

1214 The Organization and Structure of the CLP, McClintock

1215 CLP Voter Clubs, Barrett

1311 The Lesser of Two Evils or The Greater of One Good? Buddy Hanson

2111 Worldview 1: The Foundation, R. C. Sproul Jr.

2112 Worldview 2: Be Not Conformed to this World, R. C. Sproul Jr.

2113 Worldview 3: God's View vs. the World's View, R. C. Sproul Jr.

2121 Law: The Biblical Principles 1, Herbert W. Titus

2122 Law: The Biblical Principles 2, Herbert W. Titus

2123 Law: The Biblical Principles 3, Herbert W. Titus

2131 Citizenship 1: Education—The Lordship of Jesus Christ in Education, Christopher Strevel

2132 Citizenship 2: Economics—Introduction to Economics, Tom Rose

2133 Citizenship 3: Civics for the Christian Citizen, Daniel Eby

2141 Apologetics 1: The Trivium of Christian Apologetics, Christopher Strevel

2142 Apologetics 2: Absolute Certainty & Christian Apologetics, Christopher Strevel

2143 Apologetics 3: The Apostolic Model for Christian Apologetics, Christopher Strevel

2151 Government: Governmental Principles 1, James Rose

2152 Government: Governmental Principles 2, James Rose

2153 Government: Governmental Principles 3, James Rose

2161 History 1: The Creation of Christendom, Marshall Foster

2162 History 2: European Reformation, Marshall Foster

2163 History 3: The Miracle of America, Marshall Foster

2171 Nations 1: How to Disciple Nations, Stephen McDowell

2172 Nations 2: Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate, Stephen McDowell

2173 Nations 3: Influence of the Bible on the Development of American Constitutionalism, Stephen McDowell

2211 The Strategic Plan of the CLP, Daniel Eby

2212 Establishing State Parties, Clay Ciolek

2311 Choosing Godly Leaders, Buddy Hanson

2312 Choosing Godly Leaders, Buddy Hanson

2313 Choosing Godly Leaders, Buddy Hanson

2314 Principles of Leadership from Nehemiah, Clay Ciolek

2411 Governmental Interposition, Tom Rose

2412 The Difference/Christian and Conservative Civil Rulers, Buddy Hanson

3111 Worldview 1: Not One Inch, R. C. Sproul Jr.

3112 Worldview 2: The Heavens Declare, R. C. Sproul Jr.

3113 Worldview 3: What is Man? R. C. Sproul Jr.

3114 Worldview 4: Of Man and Men, R. C. Sproul Jr.

3115 Worldview 5: Pretenders to the Throne, R. C. Sproul Jr.

3116 Worldview 6: His Kingdom is Forever, R. C. Sproul Jr.

3121 Law 1, Herbert W. Titus

3122 Law 2, Herbert W. Titus

3123 Law 3, Herbert W. Titus

3124 Law 4, Herbert W. Titus

3125 Law 5, Herbert W. Titus

3126 Law 6, Herbert W. Titus

3131 Citizenship 1: Education—The Constitution and Education, Herb Titus

3132 Citizenship 2: Education—A Plan for Victory; School Liberation Might Be Closer Than We Think, Marshall Fritz

3133 Citizenship 3: Economics—The Economic Sphere vs. the Political Sphere, Tom Rose

3134 Citizenship 4: Economics—Money and the Federal Reserve, Tom Rose

3141 Apologetics 1: The Defense of the Faith: An Overview, Christopher Strevel

3142 Apologetics 2: In The World But Not Of It: A Paradigm for World Discipleship, Christopher Strevel

3143 Apologetics 3: A City Set On A Hill: The Church as the Light of the World, Christopher Strevel

3144 Apologetics 4: Two Kingdoms: The Christian’s Involvement in Politics, Christopher Strevel

3145 Apologetics 5: Messiah the Prince: The Civil Government and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Christopher Strevel

3146 Apologetics 6: Contra Mundum: The Public Defense of Christian Theism, Christopher Strevel

3161 History 1: The Roots of the Reformation, Joe Morecraft

3162 History 2: The Reformation in Europe, Joe Morecraft

3163 History 3: The Reformation in England, Joe Morecraft

3164 History 4: The Reformation in Scotland, Joe Morecraft

3165 History 5: The Reformation in America: The Pilgrims and Puritans, Joe Morecraft

3166 History 6: The Reformation in America: The Hugenots and Scotch-Irish, Joe Morecraft

7002 Introduction to the Christian Liberty Party

7012 The Lordship of Jesus Christ and Politics, Joe Morecraft

7013 The Goals and Techniques of Secular Humanism, Dean Gotcher

7016 Christianity & Politics: Ans. to Objections, Buddy Hanson

7017 God Will Establish the Righteous, Eugene Clingman

7018 Christian Political Movements Internationally, Lorne Blackman