Name Change

November 18, 2010

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you remember hearing about the American Heritage Party from a friend in the past. Maybe you came to a meeting, or read about us on the web.  Well, now we have exciting news to share with you!

We are pleased to announce that after extensive review and consideration, the National Committee of the AHP has changed our party name, and revised our party principles. We have done this in order to ensure that our name, message and principles are fully and explicitly developed from God’s Word.

The name Christian Liberty Party expresses an idea, a principle for our times, that points to Christ as the source of Liberty for both men and nations. “Christian Liberty” is succinct, provocative, and provides the essential antithesis to socialism and unbelieving political philosophy. In just two words, it expresses a concept that “American Heritage” could not. We believe it will be instrumental in transforming the political debate with the goal of rebuilding a Christian political conscience and worldview.

Above all, we consider this name change to be a matter of integrity and fidelity to our Lord and Savior, whom we are to glorify in every area of life. The Bible teaches, You have given a banner to those who fear you that it may be displayed because of the truth.” (Psalm 60.4) For Bible-believing Christians, there can be but one banner: Christ. For the gospel believer, this principle applies to political philosophy and even political parties. “And whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” (Colossians 3.17)

As worshipers of the one true God, we boldly proclaim God’s Lordship over politics. He alone is sovereign over all things, His Word is Truth, and to Jesus Christ has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. This is truly the foundation of political liberty.

Therefore, civil government derives its definition, legitimacy, authority, purpose, jurisdiction and limitations from the Word of God. A nation that acknowledges God’s authority and Law, as well as the limitations He has placed upon it, has a profound opportunity for liberty!

When a nation does not acknowledge God’s authority, tragedy follows:

When society rejects a Biblical view of life and politics, fundamental principles come under attack, including unalienable rights, liberty, limited government, local control, sound money, balanced budgets, the right to bear arms, and the sanctity of life. Ultimately, nothing is sacred. Even the most fundamental institutions like marriage and family, and even gender itself, are redefined according to humanistic principles.

Nations that reject God’s Law inevitably adopt the idols of humanism, such as socialism, Darwinism, statism, multi-culturalism, environmentalism, libertarianism, conservatism, and totalitarianism. Apart from Christ, there is no limit to man’s ability to embrace new idols! The tragic result is tyranny, bureaucracy, anarchy, the destruction of wealth and liberty—and finally, collapse.

Bojidar Marinov, a Romanian Christian writer, states the connection between Biblical faith and liberty: “The problem of liberty is a problem of ‘choose today which god you are going to serve.’ It is a problem of ultimate loyalty. [When men put their faith in the state or any other god, then that entity demands their ultimate loyalty]….The result has been disastrous for liberty, and for human civilization.”

So how would Christian civil government and Biblical Law help us? By providing for:

  • limited government and the qualification for civil rulers who fear God and rule justly;
  • the foundation for godly justice, unalienable rights, private property and free enterprise;
  • the preservation of the most fundamental of institutions: marriage and family, and
  • the protection of the life of the unborn.

And this is just a start!

So after over a century of increasingly socialistic, bureaucratic civil government given to us by both the Left and the Right, isn’t time that we abandon humanistic political philosophy and cease trusting in secular political parties?

Will you join with us in building a thoroughly Christian political party, training men to be Christian statesmen, and calling the nation to repentance and to Christ?

Send in your membership application today. The form is enclosed.

To help equip you, we have just launched a new educational website to help Christians see the connection between Biblical faith and liberty. Take a look at to see thought-provoking articles regularly posted by leaders from around the country.

We are ready to help you start a local Voter Club, and if you are outside of Washington, a state party. For more information, check out our party website:

It is time to get to work. Can we count on you?

Daniel Eby                          

National Chairman                         

P.S. Hope is stirring all across the nation. In Maine, our newly appointed state contact will be working to set up Voter Clubs and form a state party. We have men in Illinois and Texas who will soon be approved as CLP leaders in their state. Be a pioneer in your state! DE

encl.: Membership Card; Principles