Chess for kids in Santa Fe

2020 Pandemic Adjustments

Spring 2020: we immediately moved to an online chess club, using jitsi for videocon and for games (yay! free/open-source software!)

Two components to virtual chess: videocon and online chess site.

  • Videocon: write to and I will send you the information to connect to our chat room chess club: Wednesdays at 5:45pm we have a lecture. Then at 6:05pm we start game play, typically inviting other clubs and schools from around the state.

  • Online play: santa fe students (pre-K to 12th) should go to and make themselves an account on andjoin the "santafechess" team.

  • Northern Schools Chess League (and other leagues) described here.

Old information which will be relevant when the pandemic lockdown is over

(but for now ignore what's below, and read the virtual chess club information above)

  • Please spread the flyer with chess info for Santa Fe.

  • Chess club meets every Wednesday at 5:45pm in the Santa Fe downtown library.


Our mission statement is

Bringing critical thinking skills to children through the enjoyment of chess.

Specifically we try to bring Santa Fe's school age kids together to play chess.

We also offer instruction, we organize tournaments, and we have simultaneous chess matches with strong local players.