Previous experience

While I was a graduate student at UNM, I held a teaching assistantship that convinced me that teaching is a career that I want to pursue.  Immediately following graduation I spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow and adjunct lecturer at UNM.  I also have five semesters of teaching as a graduate and senior undergraduate student at CAU. 

My primary role of math instructor has afforded me abroad perspective of both the curriculum and of the needs of our students. At UNM, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses, such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, Applied Calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Vector Analysis. You can find, in HERE, some lecture notes, teaching materials, and my past teaching statements that I wrote.

Each course that I have taught has had its own appeal and motivating challenges. Not only I have gained valuable experience as an instructor, but I have also benefited from my interactions with students from many diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Every student has a unique learning style and hence every class is one of a kind. While many of the differences can be observed by simply paying attention to student behavior, sometimes it is useful to ask them directly or even survey them for feedback. I feel that it is particularly rewarding whenever I resolve the issues that I have identified,  whether it is through employing new teaching techniques or through creative solutions learned from my colleagues.

Finally, In these days, my strong belief on teaching can be explained by the following sentence. 
 -See the strength of students instead of their weakness.-