Charlie Mote
222 Forkner Drive, Townhome 12, Decatur, GA 30030
404.790.4039 (cell) - 404.377.7716 (home)


U.S. and Latin American Technical Support and Sales Representative at, Duluth, GA, 4/2008 - currently

  • Customer support, sales and marketing for half of U.S. and Latin America, including Brazil for emerging international laser printer and copier part manufacturer and wholesale and retail reseller
  • Web-based quote and order system technical support

Sales Associate, Microcenter, Duluth, GA, 1/2008 - 4/2008

  • Full-time sales associate for Micro Center Gwinnett store carrying full-line of Apple, Linux and Windows computers, accessories and hardware
  • Won March store competition for most positive customer service comments (around a dozen) and moved immediately from "probationary" part-time to full-time sales with commission sales in excess of $3,000 daily
  • Left to pursue opportunities employing my language and professional research skills

Latin American Sales Representative, Mitsui Plastics Inc., Marietta, GA, 9/2007 - 10/2007

  • Portuguese and Spanish sales support for Japanese-U.S. multinational. Responsible for final documentation and shipping documents for shipments to South America
  • Resigned without notice due to improprieties of employer

Technical Reference Department Manager and Trade Book Supervisor, Barnes and Noble Georgia Tech Technology Square, Atlanta, GA, 2/2005 - 9/2007

  • Planned, organized and hosted first-ever Harry Potter Midnight Magic party at Barnes and Noble Georgia Tech for seventh and final Harry Potter release. Attended by over 700 with sales of 500 copies, a store record
  • Createdmarketing material and signs using Adobe Creative (Photoshop, Illustrator) and MS Office suites (Word)
  • Opening and closing retail manager for college division Barnes and Noble store
  • Responsible for up to 16 employees and store closing procedures as sole closing manager once a week
  • Marketing lead for computer, engineering and business departments
  • Planned, implemented, programmed and administered in-store music and announcement computer system
  • Promoted and transferred to college division due to excellence in all areas of retail operations and knowledge of, and personal interest in, computer and engineering subject matter
  • Calls to Georgia Tech Police Department for suspected shoplifters and loitering down to a few per quarter from a few per week after I implemented regular surveillance video reviews with the staff and took responsibility for training employees in loss-prevention techniques and procedures and instituted scheduled store patrols
  • Consistent 100% customer service “secret shops” in book department after I took responsibility for training staff in customer service procedures and techniques, up from 80-90% before
  • Book department always at or above budget during my tenure - technical reference subjects always in top 5
Georgia Tech Student Center Volunteer Site Director, Robocup 2007, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA, June 30 - July 10, 2007
  • Volunteer Site Director for 2007 international robotic "Olympics" (Robocup) in charge of all activities of volunteers, participants and interactions with Georgia Tech staff at Student Center Venue
  • Translated for Portuguese-speaking Robocup Junior teams from Portugal and Brazil
  • Organized daily work responsibilities and tasks of up to two dozen volunteer workers
  • Responsible for venue from opening at 7 AM until closing at 10 PM daily from July 1 through July 8
  • Provided additional assistance with volunteer coordination and event organizing at all Robocup venues when Student Center venue inactive
Volunteer Committee Co-chair, Robocup 2007, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA, March through July, 2007
Project Manager, Georgia Tech University Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Senior Capstone Project, ECE 4006 Major Design Experience, Group 2, final report: word .doc format or html, spring 2005
Bookseller, Barnes and Noble Perimeter, Atlanta, GA, 2001-2005
Wildlife Handler-Presenter and Zoo Interpreter – Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, 2001
  • Interpreted zoo exhibits and performed animal behavior and adaptations shows daily as animal trainer, keeper, stage assistant and show presenter for audiences of up to 300 visitors at SouthTrust Theater
English Course Instructor – Centro Cultural Anglo Americano, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, summer, 2000
  • Taught English conversation and U.S. culture course for 200 students weekly, in five, two-hour classes
Veterinary Medical Technician – University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Emergency Service Hospital, St. Paul, MN, 1996-1998

Network Administrator, Policy Analyst, and Research Staff – Clean Air Council, Philadelphia, PA, 1994-1996

  • Managed office communication and computing resources, including installation and maintenance of office equipment, office layout, prioritizing access, developing up-grade paths and procurement
  • Planned, procured, installed, and programmed $20,000 DOS/Win and Mac OS computer network with full Internet and dial-in access including internal and public telecommuting support and training
  • Coordinated and trained interns, staff and volunteers in maintaining office network, and creating Internet presence and content, including programming forum, email and web servers
  • Trained incoming staff attorneys on electric utility competition, legislation, and technology and performed research and prepared policy statements for staff attorneys including executive director
Election Monitoring – International election monitoring volunteer program, Mexico, summer 1994

Bricklaying and House Construction – Volunteer exchange program, Estelli, Nicaragua, summer 1993

Conference Services Set-up Crew Manager/Staff - Macalester College Housing Dept., St. Paul, MN, summers, 1992/1991


Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, conversant in Mexican Spanish and familiar with African and European Portuguese and African, Caribbean, Central American, European and South American Spanish dialects:

Familiar with (sufficient for travel needs): French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Swedish

Academic and practical work experience with:

  • Electronics Laboratory Hardware: Digital multi-meters, function generators, and oscilloscopes
  • Digital Logic Devices: TTL ICs, Altera CPLD's, and Crossbow Technology wireless sensors (My suggestion for their use was accepted for the Georgia Tech University Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 4006 project listed here)
  • Applications: ArcView GIS, Dbase, MapInfo, Max+plus II VHDL editor, MS Office Suite (English, Portuguese/Spanish), Virtual PC (Windows virtualizaton in OS X) Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Lego MINDSTORMS systems 1.0 - 2.0, VEX , and B.E.A.M. robotics
  • Programming Languages: Basic C/C++ (Borland 3.0/6.0, MS Visual IDEs), LeJOS, HTML, Javascript
  • Operating Systems: DOS, Unix, Windows (through XP), Macintosh (through OS X), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)


Bachelor of Arts (May 1992) Macalester College, St. Paul, MN – Economics, International Affairs, Law and Society and Political Science majors, 3.0 GPA. Intern investigator at Hennepin County Public Defenders Office, Minneapolis, MN and intern Policy Analyst at the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago, IL

Juris Doctorate coursework (1992 - 1993), Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, OR

  • Withdrew to pursue other interests and opportunities, including international volunteer charity work

Bachelor of Science coursework (1995 - 1999) University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN – 20 courses in agronomy, biology, chemistry, Portuguese, and zoology, 3.5 GPA. Awarded two $2000 research grants:

  • Osprey (raptor) migration satellite telemetry analysis using ArcGIS, Dbase, and MapInfo for the UMN Raptor Center “Highway to the Tropics” education outreach and research project
  • Applying popular Angolan, Brazilian, and Portuguese music in undergraduate Portuguese class work

Bachelor of Science coursework (2002 – 2003) Devry University, Decatur, GA – 8 courses in C/C++, AC and digital circuit analysis, digital logic, computer engineering and physics, 3.75 GPA

REFERENCES (complete list with email addresses as .doc file)

Joseph Minott, Esq., Executive Director, Clean Air Council, Former Employer, (1995-1996), 215.567.4004 (x116)

Keith Fox, Assistant Store Manager, Barnes and Noble Perimeter, Former Supervisor, (2001-2003), 770.396.1200, reference

Jennifer Blackmon, Head Cashier, Barnes and Noble Perimeter, Former Supervisor, (2000-2003), 770.396.1200

Jon Earl, Textbook Department and Network Security Manager, Barnes and Noble Georgia Tech, Former Supervisor, (2005-2006), 845.633.4355, ext. 83, reference

Andy Koose, Tradebook Department Manager, Barnes and Noble Georgia Tech, Former Supervisor, (2005-2007) 404.894.1642

Sean Clancy, Tradebook Department, Barnes and Noble Georgia Tech, Former Coworker, (2005-2007), 678.617.8997, reference

Brendan and Luciana Flannery, Ph. D., Friends/Former Employers* (2003-2007), reference, 404.371.4046,
(*my wife and I have provided in-home daycare for their daughter)

Sterling Skinner, Administrative Manager, Georgia Tech Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colleague, Georgia Tech Auto Show, (2006), 404-894-3281

Tucker Balch, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Georgia Tech College of Computing, Former Volunteer Employer, Robocup 2007 (March - July, 2007), 678.523.8685

Teri Russell, Administrative Coordinator, Georgia Tech College of Computing, Former Volunteer Employer and Co-Chair Volunteer Committee, Robocup 2007 (March - July, 2007), 404.894.4666

Monigue Lett, Assistant Director of Housing, Georgia Tech Department of Housing Residential Life, Mentor, Georgia Tech Professional Development Department Mentor Tech Program, (2007), 404-894-3372

(End of resume in English)

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Charles S. Mote Jr.
222 Forkner Drive, Townhome 12, Decatur, GA, 30030
404.377.7716 – charlie.mote@gmail.com


Bacharel em Artes (Maio 1992) Universidade Macalester College – Ciências Políticas, Direito, e Economia, notas de 3.5 (3.5/4.0.) Estágio como investigador para Defensoria Pública da cidade Minneapolis, MN

Bacharel em Ciências, aulas (1995–1999), Universidade de Minnesota (UMN) – O curso inclui 20 aulas de biologia, botânica, português, espanhol, química e zoologia. Recebei duas bolsas, 2.000,00 $US cada:

  • Analisis telemetrica da migração de aguia pescadores para Centro de Avês de Rapina da UMN
  • Aplicando músicas popular de Angola, Brasil e Portugal nas aulas universitarias e nos estudos de português através de compilando canções, transcripção das letras e deifinição de vocabulario
Bacharel nas Ciências, (2002 - 2003) Universidade de Devry, Decatur, GA – Técnologia de Engineiro Computador e Técnologia de Engineiro Eletrical. Tomando classes de C/C++ e analise de circutios AC/digital


Fluência em portugués do Brasil e conhecimento de espanhol do Mexico com familiaridade com os sotaques do português da Africa e Europa e o espanhol de America Central, America do Sul, do Caribe, e da Europa

  • Completei dois anos de aulas universitrarios em ambos espanhol e português com notas de 3.5
  • Traduzindo para intercâmbio de duas semanas do Carter Center para 30 artistas brasileiras de Recife, Brasila Atlanta e tambêm tradução das exposições do Zoo Atlanta para visitantes latinos
  • Manteno fluência em ambos espanhol e português através de communicação com falantes nativos e lendo notícias diaramente de AP de Brasil e Mexico
Experiência professional e academica com:
  • Equipamentos de Laboratorio Elêtronico: Multi-meters digitais e oscilloscopios analog e digital;
  • Procesores de Logica Digital: TTL Integrated Circuits and Altera Max7000 Series CPLD;
  • Sistemas Operaçionais: DOS, Macintosh (até OS 10.4), Windows (3.0, 95, 98, 2000, XP), UNIX;
  • Aplicações: ArcView GIS, Dbase, MapInfo, Max+plus II, MS Office Suite (inglês, português), Virtual PC, (e conhecimento de Microsoft FrontPage, Project, Visio e Visual Studio e Macromedia ColdFusion);
  • Protocais de Networking: AppleTalk, Ethernet, WiFi;
  • Idiomas da Computação: BASIC, Pascal, Modula, VHDL, C/C++ (Borland 3.0/6.0, MS Visual IDEs)


Analista de Política e Administratador de Sistemas e Pesquisador – Conselho de Ar Puro, Philadelhpia, PA

  • Managei recursos da comunicação e informática, incluindo instalando e mantenando máquinas do escritorio, ordenando accesso, criando planos da expanção, e procuramento dos aprestos
  • Planejei, obiteve, fixei e programei 20.000,00 $US intra e inter, DOS e Mac OS network com Internet completo e com acesso por telefone incluindo suportando e mostrando telecommuting
  • Trenei e organizei funcionarios em criando e administrando sistema informáticas, presença e informação da oficina e internet, incluindo programação de servidores local, de email e da rede
  • Trenei advogados em competição, legislação e tecnologia de empresas que fornecer elétricidade e fiz pesquisas e escrevei anúncios da política para advogados de conselho incluindo diretor executivo
Professor de Inglês – Centro Cultural Anglo Americano, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil
  • Professor de conversação para 200 estudantes de inglês, cinco aulas de uma hora semanais
Técnico da Medicina Veterinaria - Hospital da Medicina Veterinaria de Universidade de Minnesota

Representante de Vendas da Livraria - Barnes and Noble, lojas no Alpharetta e Perimeter, Atlanta, GA

Construidor de Casa Voluntário – Intercâmbio iniciado sozinho, verão de 1993, Estelli, Nicaragua

Apresentador e Interpretador de Téatro de Animais Selvagens – Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

  • Realizei quatros espetáculos de animais e seus adaptações diáramente como um acesoria de téatro, treinador de animais e apresentador no téatro SouthTrust Wildlife para até 300 visitantes dos espectaculos

(End of resume in Portuguese)

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Charles S. Mote Jr.
222 Forkner Drive, Townhome 12, Decatur, GA, 30030
404.377.7716 – charlie.mote@gmail.com


Bachillerato en Artes (Mayo 1992) Universidad Macalester College, St. Paul, MN – Ciencias Políticas, Economia, y Ley, 3.5 GPA. Investigador praticante para Defensor Público de ciudad de Minneapolis

Bachillerato en Ciencias, classes varios, (1995-1999) Universidad de Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN – 20 clases en agronamia, biologia, quimica, español, portugués y zoologia. Recebí dos subvenciónes para:

  • Análisis de migración de aves Osprey para “Highway to the Tropics” del Centro de los Aves Rapaces
  • Aplicando músicas populares de Angola, Brasil, y Portugal en lecciónes universitários y el estudio de portugués através de compilando canciónes, transcripción de las letras, y definición de vocabulario
Bachillerato en Ciencias, (2002 - 2003) Universidad de Devry, Decatur, GA – Técnologia de Engineiro Computador y Técnologia de Engineiro Eletrical. Tomando classes de C/C++ y analise de circutios AC/digital


Fluidez en portugués de Brasil y familiar con español de Mexico con familiaridad con los dialectos de portugués de Africa y Europa y español de America Central, America del Sur, del Caribe, y de Europa

  • Completamiento de dos años de aulas universitrarios entrambos español y portugués con “GPA” de 3.5
  • Interpreté para intercambio de dos semanas del Carter Center para 30 artistas brasileñas de Recife, Brasil en Atlanta y tambien interpretación de los exhibiciónes del Zoo Atlanta para visitantes latinos
  • Manteno fluidez en ambos español y portugués através de comunicaciónes con pessoas quien hablan español e portugués como nativos y leendo noticeiros AP, BBC e de local de Brasil e Mexico diariamente
Experiencia professional y academica con:
  • Equipamentos de Laboratorio Eletronico: Multi-meters digitales, y oscilloscopios analog y digital;
  • Procesores de Logica Digital: TTL Integrated Circuits, Altera Max7000 Series CPLD;
  • Sistemas Operaciónal: DOS (IBM, Apple), Macintosh (a OS X), Windows (3.0, 95, 98, 2000, XP), UNIX;
  • Aplicaciónes: ArcView GIS, Dbase, MapInfo, Max+plus II, MS Office Suite (ingles, portugués), Virtual PC, (y familiraidad con Microsoft FrontPage, Project, Visio y Visual Studio y Macromedia ColdFusion);
  • Protocales de Networking: AppleTalk, FirstClass (BBS, LAN) Servidor (Mac) y Clientes (DOS, Mac, Win);
  • Lenguajes de Computación: BASIC, Pascal, Modula, VHDL, C/C++ (Borland 3.0/6.0, MS Visual IDEs)


Análista de Política, Adminstratador de Sistemas y Búscador – Concilio para Aire Pura, Philadelphia, PA

  • Managé recursos del communicación y computación, incluyiendo instalando y manteando aparatos de la oficína, ordenando accesso, creando planos de expanción, y pocuramiento de apartos
  • Planeé, procuré, instalé y programé 20,000.00 $US intra y inter, sistemas de computador de DOS y Mac OS con acceso ccmpleto del Internet y telefónico incluyiendo apoyo y desarrollo público de telecommuting
  • Entrené y coordiné funcionarios praticantes y voluntários para mantenar sistemas de oficina y crear presencia del Internet, inclueindo programando sistema de tablillia de avisos y servidores de email/red
  • Pronuncié testimonio público sobre alternativos de transportación, regulación de utilidades públicos de eletricidad, y consulté para planejeiros de transportación, defensores de telecommuting y corporaciónes
  • Entrené nuevo advogado en competición, legislación y tecnologia de utilidades de electricidad y rebuscé y escribí declaraciónes de politica para advogados de concilio inluciendo diretor executivo
Profesor de Inlgés – Centro Cultural Anglo Americano, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil
  • Enseñé cursos de conversación de inglês para 2000 estudatnes, cinco aulas de una hora cada semana
Tecnico de Medicina Veterinaria – Hospital de Universidade de Minnesota Escola de Medicina Veterinaria

Construidor Voluntário de Casas – Intercámbio independente en el verano de 1993, Estelli, Nicaragua

Representante de Vendas del Livros – Barnes and Noble lojas de Alpharetta y Perimeter, Atlanta, GA

Apresentador y Interpretador de Téatro de Animles Selvagens – Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

  • Presenté quatros espectáculos de animales y sus adapciónes diaramente para 300 visitantes

(End of resume in Spanish)

Resumes above in following order: English, References, Portuguese, Spanish