"Team Biodiesel" Entry at the 3rd Annual Georgia Tech Auto Show

 By Dana Sheilds from the Greenfuel Club

Soy Benz Enters and Wins Prize at the Georgia Tech Auto Show with Alternative Fuels Team

Charlie Mote and Dana Shields unveiling the team's Appleseed Biodiesel Processor to the consternation of the GM/Saturn Mild Hybrid Team whose "air bag lady" had driven their one-of-a-kind prototype Saturn Vue straight from Detroit overnight. This hand-built SUV, which can be seen just to the left of Charlie, featured many of the same advanced design elements as our entry (like wheels and hoses and stuff).

Dana and his wife, Jann, enjoy a moment during a brief lunch break as Jann gets caught up on the ensuing competition between Team Restaurant Sludge and the formidable GM entry.

To conclude his presentation, Dana reenacts one of the more advanced skills required when processing biodiesel...waiting the proper amount of time for something to finish.

Charlie nervously awaits news from the awards committee while the GM team is nowhere in sight. Somewhere to the right of Charlie is our SoyBenz entry.

Charlie learns that his small team has trumped GM's goliath prototype team (for the record, the awards committee lauded our use of weather-treated 2x4's as "boldly functional"), capturing the coveted Design Award,the red Ferrarri racing car shown behind Charlie.

The team poses with the relished prize (not the one that was shown behind Charlie as luck would have it). "Lighten up," Charlie urges Dana. "You'll get the little Ferrari on Tuesdays. It's just a toy."

Taking it easy, enjoying the spoils of victory over the GM design team while Charlie grips "it's just a toy".

Conclusion: we predict that startling new uses of renewable deck lumber will monopolize next year's automobile design concourse but that GM will naysay this as a shabby gimick!

(Thanks to Dana, Jann, Sterling, Dave, George and Margarete for all their help in our win!)

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