Customer Service Excellence

Some examples of compliments from my time at Barnes and Noble at Georgia Tech

(Please note, some of the dates are in Portuguese because I have used it as my default language; also, I have tried to protect the identity of these clients while still showing they are actual people!)

Email from a potential customer I guided to a better source for what she was looking for (May 4, 2007): 


A letter from a customer when I sent him double of an item he paid for but which didn't make it into his bag at the time of purchase for some reason, probably as it was a busy "game day" and the cashiers left it out on accident (no one likes being short-changed, especially if they have made a special trip, in late October of 2005 in this case):

Email from a customer who purchased a book over the phone and asked for it to be delivered to the office building across the street (I went there myself, took all of 10 minutes out-of-the-store and was an easy way to generate goodwill and a positive image for the business, September 11, 2007):


Another email exchange (this time from Apple's Mail application) from a customer looking for a book on software that was too new for a book to have been published on it yet (August 27, 2007): 

And a message from the district manager and my store manager (from June of 2005):



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