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BC Council BoaRD 2020-2021

· President : Barbara DuMoulin cfuwbccouncilpresident@gmail.com

· Past President: Ruth Mellor

· Secretary: Jacqueline Russell cfuwbccouncil@gmail.com

· Treasurer: Jacqueline Goudal

· Resolutions: Christine Pintea

· Advocacy: Audrey Hobbs Johnson cfuwbcadvocacy@gmail.com

· Communications: Allison Nelson-Bruce cfuwbcftr@gmail.com

· Media Manager: Bea Shumey cfuwbcmedia@gmail.com

· Archivist: Cathy Barford

· RD BC West: Patricia Atkinson

· RD BC Interior: Allison Hutchison

· RD Vancouver Island: Sheila Service

Club Action Newsletter: September 18th, 2020

An Appeal from CFUW National President and Board Members to Clubs

It has come to our attention that there is a suggestion circulating among Clubs to withhold dues to national office in protest of the failure of the motion to strike Article 4 from the Articles and Bylaws that CFUW shall be a member of GWI. This suggestion is rooted in the perception that CFUW National seems determined to ignore the concerns of 64% of the membership as well as the recent report of the Mediation Working Group.

The members of the Mediation Working Group unanimously agreed that:

1. The CFUW is in need of better, more healing, constructive communication;

2. There has been a problem with past confusion about information regarding GWI; and

3. There is a great deal of value in the CFUW continuing as a unified, strong, cohesive organization, into the future. Everyone involved wants the CFUW to continue as a single organization.

4. Collaborative, facilitated conversations, like the one undertaken by this Committee, are useful and should form part of the practice of CFUW going forward.

The Board is most definitely not ignoring the Mediation Report nor the concerns of our membership. To that end, I will highlight what actions the Board has taken to date:

  • The Board has unanimously accepted a plan for implementation of the Mediation Report

  • A Mediation Implementation Oversight Committee has been established under co-chairs Barb DuMoulin, VP British Columbia and Joy Hurst, VP International Relations

  • A Communications Committee chaired by Judy Hopps, VP Quebec has begun work to develop a communication strategy as per recommendation 2 of the Mediation Report.

  • The Articles and By-laws committee has been charged with reporting on Article 4 – background, legal advice, etc. and their report will be shared with all the membership.

  • In consultation with a governance specialist, the Board is developing a Strategic Plan and all Clubs will be consulted and offered the opportunity to attend discussion groups

The Board was elected at the end of June and I hope the initiatives that we have taken in the past two months will allow us to move forward as a strong, united voice for women and girls.

It should be remembered that Clubs who do not pay their dues are giving up their voice and are unable to:

  • Participate in the resolution process

  • Vote at an annual or special general meeting

  • Nominate a candidate

  • Make or second a motion

I urge Clubs not to withhold their dues, because now, more than ever, strong women’s organizations are needed as the pandemic is disproportionally affecting women and girls.

Kathryn, Wilkenson,

National CFUW President

Club Action Newsletter: CFUW Response to Speech From the Throne September 25th 2020

The Government promised a “significant” investment to create a Canada-wide early learning and childcare system – acknowledging the urgent need for “more accessible, affordable, inclusive, and high-quality childcare,”. Swift action on the Calls for Justice in response to the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls as well as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission were emphasized. The Government pledged that mitigating climate change would be foundational to creating jobs, reinvigorating Canada’s resource economy, and reducing the impact of climate-related disasters. Establishing new, national standards for long-term care homes to ensure that elders are safe, respected, and treated with dignity was highlighted.

Click here to read the entire report

Click here to view the Speech from the throne, September 23, 2020

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Our 100 Years: The Canadian Federation of University Women

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Unleash your Inner Designer! Contest dates extended

Do you have a hidden talent as an illustrator or graphic designer? BC Council is looking for a new logo to complement our National branding.

Logos should be sent as an attachment 10" w by 8" high or maximum 2400 px wide by 1950 px in height @300 dpi, using blues and greens as the main theme colours by December 15th, 2020.

The logo will be used in conjunction with our national banner in a similar way that National uses the current female profile logo on the CFUW banner. Also we could use it as a standalone logo when accompanied with the words " CFUW BC COUNCIL", to strengthen our identity.

Send your logo design as a jpg attachment at the above dimensions to Bea:

cfuwbccouncilmedia@gmail.com or contact by Bea the same email by December 1st 1st, 2020 if you wish to mail it.

The winning designer will receive a copy of the CFUW book, "our Hundred Years, the Canadian Federation of University Women", by Dianne Dodd, kindly donated by Alison Hutchison.