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BC Council  of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is a voluntary, self-funded, non-profit organization with 23 clubs across the province, which is affiliated with the  national CFUW and the Graduate Women International( GWI ). 

Our mandate is to promote education and life-long learning, to encourage the participation of members in their communities and to enhance the status of women and girls.

Our main concerns include high quality public education, universal health care, a clean safe environment and the physical and psychological violence against women.

CFUW welcomes all women who support the purposes, mission and values of CFUW

 BC Council 2017   
Kathy Torhjelm (Treasurer),Cynthia Gates (Secretary),Audrey Hobbs-Johnson (Resolutions), Sheila Boutcher(Newsletter), Maureen Fhotos (RD BC Interior),Beryl Matthewson (RD BC West), Barbara Du Moulin (RD Vancouver Island), Ruth Mellor, (President).Regrets: Jeannette Mergens (Advocacy), Kathy Barford ( Archives) and Bea Shumey ( Web)

BC Council Meeting at Hycroft on January 24th 2018 ( lunch break)
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