California Classical Association ~ South


The CCA South welcomes a broad range of scholarly perspectives

pertaining to the origin, the significance, and the reception

of Roman, Greek, and related Ancient Mediterranean civilizations

in various genres and in material culture.

We also seek to share various methods of engaging diverse students at all levels

in active learning and reflective activities. We strive to support equity in access

to language learning and opportunities for recognition and advancement within the field.


Upcoming CCA-South Programs

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Our FALL 2022 Virtual Conference

will be hosted by University of California - Irvine

Classics Department

November 5

Saturday, 9:30am-12:30pm PST

We are busy planning a great program with

several speakers on topics of interest.

Watch for details to appear here!

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FREE and FULLY VIRTUAL with LIVE Q & A opportunities

Our appreciation to our host, the Classics Department, UC Irvine

We are very honored to announce these four guest speakers:

Exact times for each speaker are now on the updated program flier.

Helen Morales

"Ancient Greek Myth and Modern Politics "

In this talk Helen Morales, the Argyropoulos Professor of Hellenic Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, will talk about her recent book, Antigone Rising: The Subversive Power of the Ancient Myths. She will discuss both the damage that some ancient myths have done, and continue to do, and how myths can also be used to affirm, inspire, and to challenge the status quo.

David Wright

“Reclaiming Monsters for the Marginalized in the Classical and Contemporary World”

My talk explores the ways in which monsters have been used to Other marginalized groups in the Classical world. At the same time, I examine examples when monsters have been reclaimed as symbols of empowerment for marginalized groups.

Anika Prather

"Classics as a Tool for Liberation, Healing and Unity"

In this talk I will take listeners on a journey through how Black people have historically used Classics as a way to navigate their way in this society. I will also use these stories as an inspiration for all of us to understand the unifying power of Classics.

Jerolyn E. Morrison

Cooking Up New Perspectives for Late Minoan IB Domestic Activities:

An Experimental Approach to Understanding the Possibilities and Probabilities of Ancient Cooking Pots

The variety of cooking pots found in the archaeological record supports the argument that there is more to cooking pots than just their measurable properties. To explain why these differences exist for the cooking pot design, an experimental approach that incorporates the findings from ceramic studies, archaeology, zooarchaeology, ecology, and ethnography to develop the probable pathways ancient people might have taken to prepare meals in Minoan Crete.

Speaker bios can be found HERE

Full program downloadable flier HERE

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ACTFL website offers recorded and upcoming webinars on Critical Conversations in World Language Education. September 22 is on the importance of using Inclusive Language in the World Language Classroom. Previous recorded topics included Teacher Shortages and Recruiting, Advocating for Change, Antiracism. Available to non-members.

National Committee for Latin and Greek announces the opening registration for JNCL-NCLIS Language Advocacy Days LAD23. JOIN US for virtual meetings Feb 8-10 with Washington DC offices and congressional leaders! Advocate for equity in Language education and more funding and grants for world language programs and international studies grants, Seal of Biliteracy, teacher preparation, etc. NCLG thanks CCA South for its past support! Also, use their Legislative Action Center to email your representatives!

ASCSA announces their participation in Multi-Country Research Fellowships - deadline December 8. Doctoral and Ph.Ds and teams can apply to The Council of American Overseas Research Centers. Regional or trans-regional research; 90 + days. Stipends.

American Classical League's Annual Institute will be hosted by the College of Charleston, June 23-26, 2022. Register for online or in-person at

Two California classicists will participate in two opening day panels in an Exploring Equity Series on DEI topics hosted by the National Committee for Latin and Greek. Katie Robinson and Leah Rochell Johnson will join Michele Valerie Ronnick and Elizabeth A. Heintzelman in Facing the Erasure of Black Classicists in America; Highlighting Their Role in Classics and Educational Equity. Katie will also help host a second panel: Exploring Equity: Re-envisioning Our Place in the University. This panel will include Daniel McGlathery, Emily Greenwood, Anika Prather, and Pramit Chauduri. Please register and support our colleagues in these important discussions of pathways forward!

SCS reminds all regional organizations that the Call for Papers for the TAPA special issue Race and Racism: Beyond the Spectacular is due February 18.

Please consider applying for a CAMWS Summer Travel Award. The deadline is January 30, 2022. Please note that your teachers are *all* eligible, even if you are not in CAMWS territory. Their school simply needs to be become a CAMWS member.These awards include $5000.00 to attend the AAR Summer School (Grant Award), and $4500.00 for the ASCSA Summer School (Semple Award), and up to $3000.00 for similar summer programs (e.g., Awards).

American School of Classical Studies at Athens calls for applications for scholarships specifically for High School teachers. The Fowler Merle-Smith Summer Scholarships provide a unique opportunity to participate in programs which have welcomed teachers for over 70 years. The Summer Session is a 6-week intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period with extensive travel. The Summer Seminars are 18-day on-site sessions. For 2022, “Thanatopsis: Greek Funerary Customs Through the Ages” (June 6-24) and “The Northern Aegean: Macedon and Thrace” (June 30-July 18). The scholarship covers all program fees and a $2,000 stipend to offset international travel. One app for session and scholarship.

ASCSA summer program flier

News from the National Committee for Latin and Greek and the Joint National Committee on Languages--National Council on Language and International Studies:

National Language Advocacy Days 2022 will be virtual on February 2-4. ANYONE can join in this important work. It is interesting and rewarding to meet congressional members and represent our interests. Please help advocate for expanded language legislation, grants, NEH, etc., at the and their Legislative Action Center page - they make it EASY!

NCLG thanks CCA South for their donations that sent TWO CALIFORNIANS TO LANGUAGE ADVOCACY DAYS 2021 - and look forward to representing CA again in 2022.

NCLG Member Badge

Through many classical organization's donations NCLG holds a Significant Contributor position within JNCL-NCLIS


This January, Australia's Hellenic Museum will offer four short courses - online and in person - exploring different aspects of Greek and Roman history and society. The courses will explore colonisation and empires in the ancient Adriatic, the home life of the ancient Greeks and Romans, understanding Greek theatre and the development of church architecture. All courses will be presented by Dr Christopher Gribbin, a public historian and Adjunct Lecturer at La Trobe University. The Summer School will run from 9-13 January 2022 (US time). For more details, go to or contact

Australia's Hellenic Museum Summer School

ASCSA , the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, announces William Sanders Scarborough Fellowships for 2022! See their detailed announcement HERE. This fellowship is intended to honor and remember Professor William Sanders Scarborough and to help foster diversity in the fields of Classical and Hellenic Studies and the Humanities more broadly by supporting students and teachers from underrepresented groups in their study and research at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Deadline is January 15, 2022.

ASCSA offers many opportunities for study and financial support, such as the Wiener Archaeology Lab funded fellowships. Applicants can be from any college worldwide or be independent scholars. Check their website regularly!

CCA North announces Fall Conference Day on November 13. Stay tuned to for details.

CCA North Newsletter has been released - Check it out for articles and other news! Here is a copy.

AUGUST 28th! High School Students of APIDA heritage are invited to "APIDA In Classics," a special AAACC-sponsored panel on studying Classics in college. Check out details HERE and look for possible shared recordings later.

CALL FOR PAPERS for Fortunatae, Revista Canaria de Filología, Cultura y Humanidades Clásicas

Here you have the Call for Papers for the number 35 (2022,1) of Fortunatae (deadline on March 31st, 2022). Please, feel free to share this information. Miguel Ángel Rábade Navarro (Director/Editor) Dpto. Filología Clásica, Francesa, Árabe y Románica.

Dr. Anthony Smart of York St. John University, UK, sends word of Imperial Power in the Roman World. In part inspired by the new Nero exhibition at the British Museum, and recent thoughts on the nature of imperial power (and its legacy), this series of public facing lectures will provide short studies of imperial power across the Roman World. The talks begin in mid-July, and will run through to the end of September. There are some magnificent scholars from all across the world that have signed up to deliver online lectures. A flyer with the titles and dates of the lectures, and a more detailed programme can be seen here:


Please Help Advocate for Language Legislation, Grants, NEH, etc., at

CCA South supports the National Committee for Latin and Greek for their work in advocating for Latin and Greek to Congressional representatives. The NCLG has spent 40+ years as a board member of the Joint National Committee on Languages--National Council on Language and International Studies. YOUR 2020 DONATIONS JUST SENT TWO CALIFORNIANS TO JNCL-NCLIS CONGRESSIONAL LANGUAGE ADVOCACY DAYS, FEB 3-5 -- GRATIAS!!!




Dan McGlathery hosts Skye Shirley, Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Serena Witzke, Victoria Pagan


Katie Robinson hosts Jamie Banks, John Bracey, Maureen Lamb, Svetlana Lazarova

Stay tuned for recordings of Continuing Conversation of the NCLG, hosted by JNCL-NCLIS ! DETAILS HERE !

New Perspectives and Directions for Study of the Ancient Mediterranean Region from

FIVE innovative educators striving for inclusion and equity:

Ted Zarrow, Anton Schulzki, Skye Shirley, John Bracey, and William Lee!


Congratulations to Bettina Joy de Guzman who has been named a Visiting Associate in Hellenic Studies for 2021-22 by the Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University! She also received a grant from CHS in 2020 to perform Ancient Greek music, and organized an international panel of scholars to speak on "Epic, Hymns and Invocations" for "Delphic Preview: Festival of the Muses" which aired last June.

Katie Robinson has been chosen to receive one of two 2021 Merita Awards from the American Classical League to honor her years of exemplary and dedicated work in supporting our field of Latin and Greek Studies. This was presented at Institute on June 24, 2021.

Congratulations to CCA member and former President Marisa Aliment0-Miller who has been awarded a 2020 SCS Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Pre-Collegiate Level. Read more HERE.

If you know of others, contact us!