Weather Links

Piling Cluster Met Station: [Graph]

  • Out of commission as of 2022-06. We hope they get it back up soon!

  • Current readings straight out from ES, north of the lighthouses.

Cayuga Lake Water Temperature: [LakeMonster]

Myers Wind Meter 2022: [Tempest]

NOAA Forecast Graph: [Ithaca] [Geneva] [Emerson] [Canandaigua]

WindAlert: [Ithaca] [Myers] [Penn Yan] [Seneca(pro)] [Geneva] [Canandaigua] [Skaneateles]

Rain and Lightning: [NWS Radar] [Lightning Maps] [BlitzOrtung(lightning/thunder)]

  • When checking the wind forecast and readings, don't forget about rain and, especially, thunderstorms.

Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Monitoring

Java Animated Windcast: [iWindsurf/Upstate NY]

  • Nice animated way to visualize the regional forecast (windyty) Animation: [Ithaca]

  • Mesmerizing animation, can be overlaid with other data (temps, pressure, etc.)

Ithaca Airport Readings: [WindAlert] [NOAA table] [Windfinder graph]

  • Note that the top of the hill can be surprisingly different from East Shore.

  • WindAlert shows 5-minutes granularity. Other interfaces still show only hourly.

Game Farm Weather Data

  • Tends to report stronger S and weaker N than East Shore.

Nearby Bouys Readings: [Geneva] [Emerson]

  • Geneva: Seneca Lake (Clark Point, north end)

  • Emerson: Owasco Lake (Burtis Point, 1/3 north end)

Geneva NY Readings:

WeatherSpark: [Ithaca]

  • Graphs (forecast and history) and radar.

Windfinder: [Ithaca Airport] [Ithaca/Lake Cayuga]

  • Another site with both forecast and history.

Sailflow: [Upstate New York]

  • In the menu on the left, select "Forecast Map"

  • Shows "the big picture".

WunderMap Weather Station Readings

  • Beware that most weather stations don't have good wind readings.

Aviation Forecast: [Ithaca]

  • NWS forecast (same data as NOAA above?)

Magic Seaweed: [Eastern Seaboard]

  • Useful for visualizing passing hurricanes

Wind Map Animation: [USA] [World] [Forecast]

  • I can stare at these all day