Clinic Information

Thanks for a great clinic season.

Check back in May 2023 for information about next year's clinics.

Learn to Windsurf on Cayuga Lake!

The windsurfing clinics are open to the public and taught by senior club members.

Participants must be at least 18 years old, and know how to swim.

Otherwise, no experience or special gear is necessary (except for booties or water shoes, and wetsuit during the colder months; see below).

Price: $80.

This price includes membership in the Cayuga Windsurfing Club, which gives you access to the club gear at East Shore Park when the shed is open for the 2022 sailing season.

If you are a Cornell student, you should also sign up via CampusGroups here.


  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Essential Footwear: water shoes, surf booties, shoes you don't mind using in the water (e.g., sneakers) or sandals with heel straps (no flip flops).

    • The club has about 15 booties of varying sizes for member use. This is enough for most but not all clinic participants, so please try to bring your own if you have any.

  • Drinking water and/or snacks.

  • If you need to wear glasses, be sure to have good croakies or something to secure them to your head or PFD.

  • Wetsuits are optional for the second clinic.

    • The surface water temperature should be around 70°F, which is warm enough that we do not require wetsuits, but might feel chilly for those who tend to be more "cold bodied". As a beginner you can expect to spend a lot of time in the water.

    • The club has some wetsuits for member use, but not enough for every clinic participant.

    • Wetsuits and neoprene booties can be rented from Cornell Outdoor Education (COE); plan ahead, as their hours are sparse.

If you are a Cornell student, sign up via CampusGroups here.

If you are not a Cornell student, please print and fill out the Liability Release Form and bring it with you.

Bring cash or check made out to Cayuga Windsurfing Club, or pay via PayPal to

NOTE: When sending funds via PayPal be sure to indicate that the payment is "personal" to avoid additional transaction fees.

Material you may review before the clinic: